4 Big Differences between Professional Hosting and Free Hosting

Posted by HostNet on June 29th, 2018

If you search the internet you will get offers of free hosting for your new website by service providers. If that is the case what is the use of hiring a professional hosting service which will charge you for services rendered. This is a good question for which the answer is a strict negative because both services are not the same as you think, it would be. Here are the differences:

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For small business or startups the proposition of free hosting may appear attractive as it involves no money transactions. What with a tight budget, they are better off with free hosting, no? No, the free provider won’t lend the URL name exclusively to you and the IP address will not be yours. The company is likely to give the URL their own company’s name and IP address. This is a major difference and people will not take companies or their products seriously because they are free hosted. With professional hosting you get a domain name which is personalized and the unique identity which will bring you popularity.


With professional hosting, you can rely on them to provide maximum up time for your website, unlike free providers. With free providers a website is likely to experience downtime several times during the day. This is not good for business as you will be invisible to the eyes of your customers who come to the internet to look for them. If your website is not consistent, it will lose face and people will ignore it altogether. Professional webhosting providers guarantee 99% up time for their clients which are absolute necessity for online business.

Rankings in Search Engines

The free hosted websites do not command the respect it needs from search engines and search engine rankings are vital for online business. The free hosted sites are usually cluttered with unwarranted ads and links that are unprofessional. These types of activities are not liked by search engines hence they do not include the free sites in their ranking charts.

Customer Support

With professional hosting you get 24 x 7 customer support that you will need from time to time to run your website. Free hosting has no such thing as a support services and your site will be at the whims and mercy of the free provider who may ignore your problems altogether.  It must be noted that free providers offer free services because they use your website or products to advertise other products and services to gain revenue.

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