Factors That Affect the Cost of Building a Social Media App

Posted by BrainMobi on June 29th, 2018

In terms of traffic and business profit it is easy to assume that the domain of social media might have seen some of the best cases in the form of facebook or instagram. But it should also be kept in mind that they were the first of their kinds and their immense success could be attributed to the fact that they might have been the first of their kind in terms of delivering the social experience the world craves. Having said that it is a rightful assumption that the best social media web application or social media mobile application is yet to be seen. So while any mobile application aspirants might be conceptualizing the best social media experience, as one of the top social media application development company it is our rightful duty to give you a brief of the factors that affects the development costs of building such an application.

Video Content Sharing and Hosting

Unlike today's outlook, facebook didn't have the video sharing feature. After which if you must have noticed, facebook had a feature which enables you to play a video at the corner while scrolling through your posts. Hosting videos on your profile or on any web platform requires a server and some smart coding in order to make it function smoothly. Keeping that in mind, it could be a great deal costly but nevertheless a necessary integration until and unless you have a really smart and minimal version that can deliver a better experience without implementing this feature.

Database Encryption

Database encryption and security systems are pretty costly addition to any social media platform and a very tricky decision to make as it requires you to be very sure of the traffic estimates you wish to reach. Nevertheless it is a great marketing benefit as preaching this fact will give a good deal of assurance to your users who might be then more likely to join your platform. But in the spirit of a good social media application one would definitely want to incorporate it so as to protect the intimate sentiments your users are likely to share and protect it. Until and unless you wish to found a way to keep the identities concealed.

GeoLocation Integration

Geolocation is capable of delivering some great convenience factors and its automation abilities can be very well integrated into the interface you are aiming to deliver. But from a development perspective it is a different task and different domain all together.  Also it requires a good deal of Node.Js skills to sketch a server method to not affect the other processes of your purpose. This is also an attempt creating real time web applications or mobile apps which is something your social media app can function without, but given the standards, it is something almost any social media app is utilizing.

AR Features

With Apple’s new memoji on the way it is a clear picture that AR has a strong domain of interest even in the social media cult besides gaming, art and what not. While instagram and facebook are yet to make its AR debut, this could very well be the CRUCIAL FACTOR and the VERY CORRECT TIME to work on your new social application on the lines of augmented reality if your application aims to deliver an experience like never before. Methods of implementing in order to bring out the experience is plenty and they shall all be  unique since the first times its being implemented.

Video Call Features

Although it is a must have feature for your social media app as even instagram now has it. While ios 12s ability to host upto 32 participants in one sitting is definitely an ambitious level to reach (and totally impractical until and unless you need to facetime with your counter strike teammates), Instagrams facetime feature too can host upto 4 people. So definitely the major concern is how many participants do you wish to engage. If that is the purpose then, it becomes a different domain all together and is an addon considering the initial purpose of a social app. So if you social application can tread without sophisticated video call features, that would definitely be the economical choice.

Such brilliant insights and smart research conclusions are a derivation of disciplined attempts made in social media application development. As one of the top application development company we at BrainMobi (which is also one of the best social media application development company in India) have a super efficient team of developers who can sketch the most economical and smart solution for your social media application. If you have the idea for a social media application or any other mobile application, kindly write to us at sales@brainmobi.com .

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