The Best Extravagant Cuisines of Non-Veg Dishes

Posted by shrikantsharma on June 30th, 2018

Food Lovers, all over the world have a great variety of taste, since non-veg recipes are never short of experiments. May it be a chicken stroganoff, pepperoni pizza, or even an Asian delicacy such as mutton biryani. There are popular dishes of all types for the meat lovers to try.

The most popular duo, which usually comes to mind, while wondering about Chinese and Tibetan dishes is the most simplistic chili chicken and fried rice. There are so much more taste that this ancient cuisine of China has to offer, such as Szechuan, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, etc. The Shitake fried rice gives you a boost of flavors and is best when paired with Szechwan Chili Chicken.

Delicacies of Asian cuisine

Asia has a lot more to offer and is never possible to fit all that in just one menu. Dim Sum has expanded its roots deep into the streets of any metropolitan city. The gorgeous and delicious dumplings, drenched in a smoking hot chicken broth is always cherishing for the taste buds.

Arabian dishes

When you are in the mood to spice up your list of non-veg recipes, do not mind shifting the page of your menu to Arabian section, symbolized by the legendary Mughlai dish – The Biryani. The mutton biryani is popular all over the world, as it serves as not only a full course meal but also an adventure of spices, mixed with rice and mutton chunks cooked in a seal pot.

There are plenty of other spice-delights to try out such as the Fattah, originally from Egypt.

The Varieties from worldwide for your Taste Buds with non-veg recipes

The cuisine based their reputation on finesse and perfection in taste, is of course, the French. Other than their great variety and knowledge in Wine, French cuisine has always been a delicacy for your taste and your eyes, especially for food photographers and bloggers.

To name a few popular dishes would be the Coq au Vin, a dish made popular by a book of French cooking. It is a profound dish with braised chicken, decorated with salted pork and mushroom. Beef lovers who are up for some refine dining of non-veg recipes, order a Beef bourguignon, where you get the juiciness of beef paired with the delicacy of wine.

When you are travelling to the United States, know that you are entering kingdom of fried food. Find your menu filled with oil fried, deep-fried, smoked, grilled, and of course barbecued. Other than the usual deep fried chicken breasts, there are plenty of other dishes like the famous hamburger. Grilled ribs and smoked pork is also something that always a popular party treats.

The author is a columnist in food website and writes regarding various recipes. For further information for the best multi-variety cuisine, go through the website Living Foodz to find veg, non veg recipes etc.

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