Fire Emblem Heroes ? Best Tactical Role Playing Game

Posted by gameclubbers on June 30th, 2018

Fire Emblem Heroes – Best Tactical Role Playing Game

The popularity of battle based games is increasing day by day. There are different types of battle based games are launched by the companies with different concepts. All companies are trying to provide a different kind of entertainment via game to the players. The Fire Emblem Heroes is designed by adding the tactical role playing concept. In the game, the players are able to participate in the single player battles. If you want to get details related to the game then you should check the Fire Emblem Heroes review.

While playing the game or participating in the battles, the players are required to be focused on some specific things. The most important one is the selection to perfect team by paying proper attention to the weapon colours. From the upcoming information, you can get complete knowledge about all these things.

Create the team wisely

When anyone is going to participate in the battle then he/she is required to choose a team properly. For dominating the battle and make sure victory in it, the players need to make the team wisely. The team should not be done randomly. The related decisions should be taken on the basis of different types of thing such as – weapon colours. If you want to avoid all types of confusion and always be ready with a solution then you should create 4 to 5 teams in advance.

For making more pre-decided teams, the players need to unlock more heroes. Here numerous players are asking that what the benefits of doing it are. There is a perfect pattern available and players need to make teams by following that one. The players should create a team which includes –

  • All four members with different members
  • All heroes with a particular colour weapon, it means three teams with three different types of weapons.

In this way, the players can easily select the suitable team before entering the battle. By it, they are not required to think to create a new team for facing a different kind of challenges.

How to select the team?

Most of the players get success in creating different types of teams in the game. The main issue appears they do not know that which one is the best for them. The selection of the team is based on the opponents and situation. First of all, the players are required to check that which kind of opponents is appearing in front of them. It can be notified by the game before participating in the battle. It means you have a chance to choose a powerful team which can compete easily and defeats the opponents.

The players should pay attention to the colours weapons. In case the opponents having different weapon colours then you should choose the way of the mixed team. If the opponents have weapons of same colour then the players need to choose a team which has a powerful weapon. For making all these decisions, the players are required to understand the complete colour system properly. In case you do not have knowledge about it then you should read out the Fire Emblem Heroes guide. In the guide, the players can get key facts about the game those can help you in the victory.

Selection of attack

When you are playing any type of action or battle based game at that time the decision making is the most important thing. A character or in-game hero can perform different types of activities such as – a variety of attacks. The players are required to think wisely and need to choose the best attack as per the situation. Sometimes in the Fire Emblem Heroes, the players will face an opponent with the same weapon. In these types of battles, the player who is playing with proper strategy will win.

The main thing in the battle is the response. If your opponent attacks then you have two options defend and attack. With it, after the attack, the players have another which is beneficial in getting recovery and causing lots of damage to the opponents. This particular way is the counter attack. It can be performed when you are attacked by another player.

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