Path of Exile Dev Explains Why The Game Is Not Coming On The PS4, Xbox One?s eSR

Posted by baby on July 2nd, 2018

The base Xbox One’s hardware has become an issue for developers using the services of the system- and this also was best exemplified by Microsoft’s decision to choose the ESRAM into it, which wound up acting as an unnecessary bottleneck for many developers.

The Xbox One X eschews this entirely, needless to say, plus any case, we're also far enough to the generation that hopefully specters with the ESRAM can be a thing on the past- but we did ask Chris Wilson of Grinding Gear Games, implementing Path of Exile to the Xbox One, the things they thought in the ESRAM dependant on their Buy Tera Items use the system.

“Our use in the eSRAM is very easy, and we all didn’t really come upon issues. We put our shadow maps and many other surfaces into eSRAM also it sped up rendering those ideas,” he stated, noting that there ended up no problems with even the base version in the system, and that they were expecting the overall game to hit 1080p and 60fps even around the base Xbox One.

We also asked him if there are any plans on releasing the action on the PS4, and why that they chosen to choose the Xbox One instead on the PS4, in spite with the latter’s install base.

“We haven’t made any plans right now,” he explained. “Our decision to launch within the Xbox One was because there exists a great relationship with Microsoft as well as their platform is Windows-based, making the Tera PS4 Items conversion straightforward. The benefits of adding DirectX 11 support to Path of Exile (to facilitate and Xbox One launch) were immediately applicable to your existing Windows PC version of Path of Exile. If we had chosen a new platform, we wouldn’t are already able to help the PC version in the same manner for free.”

Which is fair, and I guess additionally it is a vindication of Microsoft’s Xbox One-Windows 10 strategy. If more developers set out to approach game development using this method, then Microsoft may be competent to wrest their in the past somewhat where they are right now.

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