Why an Automated Message System Works Better than ?Live?

Posted by Olovanderson on July 2nd, 2018

Patients want to know that they are being heard whether it is while they are sitting in the examination room with the doctor or when they call after the office has closed and they have a question or an urgent situation. Medical practices that use ‘live’ messaging systems often express dissatisfaction with the results because of the human factors that create errors, delays and misrepresentation of the facility. However, it is hard for some doctors to believe that an automated system can deliver higher quality and increased patient satisfaction until they have a chance to try it for themselves.

When looking for medical answering services it is important to keep the options open and consider a range of companies that offer different approaches. ‘Live’ systems cost more, rely on people who are typically not medically trained and fluctuate on the process and delivery of results. An automated system that is customized to the client’s medical practice for on-call notification, bi-lingual messages and evaluation/routine of urgent and non-urgent calls can be a major enhancement to the doctors’ office.

Automated medical answering services are programmed to deliver the exact same message every time on the 1st ring and give callers the ability to leave the message they want the doctor to hear. There is no one in the middle deciding which facts to write down and pass on and what to leave out because the medical staff hears the message directly from the patient as they intended. Urgent calls are routed to the doctor via the on-call notification plan setup at the beginning and escalated as necessary based on given responses. Doctors retain their privacy and time-off by only being called when they need to be and responding via the system so the office number is displayed to the patient. This process not only frees the doctor and medical staff to focus more on the patients but creates efficiency in the medical practice regardless of how big or small it is. Budget is always a concern and with an automated medical answering service that offers a flat rate no matter the volume and no contract or hidden fees then the adoption of this tool is an easy decision. Since any website can say anything, before committing to a service, ask for a free demo or trial period where it can be used in your practice for a short time frame. If you are satisfied then friendly staff members can get your location setup exactly how you need it to work for enhanced patient communication and efficient notification.

People are important especially if they are a patient who needs to speak with their doctor as soon as possible but sometimes they can slow a process down which is why looking for medical answering services should include an automated solution. Go online and check out the various options in both groups and compare cost, what they provide, support solutions, volume and reporting and customer feedback posted to find the service that will give your customers the attention and peace of mind they need.

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