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Posted by ricky26 on July 2nd, 2018

These days, everyone is involved in tech – whether we’re building it, using it or actively avoiding it. We consume entertainment and news not only through our television screens and the morning newspaper, but also through devices like smartphones and tablets. Some of us rely on the internet and a laptop to do our taxes, cast a vote in the election, check our health records and so on. A hundred years ago, this would have seemed utopian. However, so much more is still possible, and the limits of technological advancements are either unknown or not there at all. We can all be involved in driving innovation and contributing to the advancement of technology because we are the consumers and validators of any idea attempting to catch hold widespread. One way to stay connected to what’s going on in the tech world and which new products or services are on the horizon is to attend the Nordics biggest Robotics Conference 2018 – Robotex International Conference.

The Robotex International Conference will focus on robotics, automation, machine learning and AI solutions that are integral both to the public and private sector, not to mention education. The program will combine very different, yet still connected, talking points like artificial intelligence and data science, cyber security, self-driving cars, industry 4.0, conversational AI, and space tech. As the starting point for any engineer or data scientist is good education, then a separate focus will be put on the question of how to support a new generation of talented people through traditional education and whether, with so much information readily available on the internet, traditional education is even necessary. The aim of the conference is to promote a healthy discussion between different parties like technical executives, investors, architects and advocates, to support the creation of tangible frontier tech solutions.

If you’re looking to grow your business through technology, then you do not want to miss this Robotics Summit 2018. It allows the future engineers, scientists, and companies to come together and create synergy in tackling new and exciting technological challenges. That is why, the Robotex International event does not just include a conference, but also workshops, an expo and competitions.

About Robotex International:

The Robotex International festival and conference are hosted by the non-profit organization Robotex, which is a global robotics network focusing on robotics education, promoting an entrepreneurial mindset, supporting the creation of new tech startups, providing training and methodologies for hosting robotics competitions across the world. Started in 2001, Robotex has expanded its base and operations in over 11 countries working in creating a global robotics network. Robotex International is the flagship event hosted in Tallinn, Estonia each year. The event encompasses the biggest Robotics Competition 2018 in the world and the most epic frontier tech conference.

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