The Role of a Parenting Plan in a Florida Divorce

Posted by jjlawfl on July 2nd, 2018

Generally speaking,a family law attorney in Orlando Florida will help clients understand that before they file for divorce, they ought to consider having a parenting plan in mind or written out on paper. As a divorce attorney in Orlando Florida, Attorney Jonathan Jacobs has advised clients who want to get a divorce on the importance of determining the roles each parent has to play in their children’s lives. Getting a divorce in the moment and in the aftermath means that one’s relationship with their spouse will change. However, when it comes to children,change might be best when it happens gradually.

As a divorce attorney in Orlando Florida, Family law attorney Clermont FL,Attorney Jonathan Jacobs has seen couples battling one another over issues such as parenting time, parental responsibility, decision-making, and holiday timesharing. Each parent wants to get the custody of the children and be at the upper hand when it comes to rendering decisions that are in the children’s best interest.Attorney Jonathan Jacobs has worked with client to help them settle on the best parenting plan both for themselves and for their children, in many cases without going through the expense of prolonged litigation. As an experienced divorce attorney, Attorney Jonathan Jacobs will handle your case with utmost respect and have the children’s best interest in mind. 

In ruling on issues such as timesharing and parental responsibility, Florida courts give out their decision with vigilance toward the children’s best interest. The process of putting the children first doesn’t stop just because a final judgment has been rendered. It becomes a collective responsibility of the parents to ensure that the children are not caught in the crossfire of the bitterness a divorce can cause. The responsibilities are shared among the parents requiring each parent to play their roles for the betterment of their kids. It is true that with shared custody,it may be draining to some parents who are left feeling exhausted because they have to miss spending time with their children on some special occasions. The silver lining is that the kids will likely always have a home for the holidays.

When you want to prepare parenting plans and pursue custody of your children, as a divorceattorney in Orlando Florida, Attorney Jonathan Jacobs, can help ensure you go through the process smoothly and with the most information possible. Put your children first.

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