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Posted by Reena More on July 3rd, 2018

The Rajan Raheja Group is the most vigorous and successful business groups in India today. It has collaborated with QBE (which is one of the world’s most respected Insurance companies). Raheja QBE is a joint venture between Prism Cement Limited of Rajan Raheja Group and QBE holdings Pvt limited, Australia. The Management includes Mr. Praveen Gupta as the CEO and managing director, whereas Mr. Rakesh Sharma serves as the Chief Financial officer. Along with hosts of Insurance products, Raheja QBE also provides Health insurance plans which are customizable as per one’s needs.  Read on to know more.

How to buy Health Insurance Plans Online?

The trend of buying online insurance is not new to us. Buying health insurance policy online not only saves time and money but also provides hassle-free buying process. However, there are few things to consider while buying health insurance policy which will allow you to unwrap the best policy in terms of money, plan, coverage etc. Therefore, it is essential to keep the points mentioned below in mind before zeroing in on one.

1)      Ponder over your budget

It is absolutely vital to consider the financial budget of the family, based on which you will invest in a health insurance plan. Planning your insurance budget will also help you to calculate your overall financial budget which will balance your accounts. Thus, keep your family covered with all risks related to health and manage your pocket as well.

2)      Number of family members

One must also keep in mind the number of family members while buying health insurance that shall benefit from the policy. As most of the insurance providers can cover up to 4-6 family members in a family floater plan. Yet, one can always choose to play safe and buy individual plans for the senior citizens in their family. Whilst rest of the family can be covered under a family floater plan.

3)      Co-pay

This is another important factor that one must contemplate whether or not the health insurance plan provides a co-payment facility. However, a standard health insurance plan has co-payment feature where a fixed percentage of each claim amount has to be paid by the insured. One must always chose a health plan with no co-pay.

4)      Dare to compare online

Yes! An online comparison is a must before you end up buying a policy. Comparing health insurance online will give you an insight into plans, coverage, and premiums of all insurance companies on one platform thus, spoon-feeding to zero in on one.

5)      Claim settlement process and ratio

This is that part of buying a health insurance, which you cannot afford to miss. Most people refrain from buying health insurance policy as they feel health claim process may prove incommodious. Although, the insurance providers in today’s time provide easy and hassle-free claim settlement process that makes it convenient for the insured.

Plans Available with Raheja QBE Health Insurance

Raheja QBE has 4 plans available like…

1)      Basic Plan

It will provide basic health and hospitalization coverage. The Raheja QBE basic plan also includes inpatient benefit/hospitalization benefit, pre/post hospitalization benefits, ambulance cover, daily allowance, organ donor benefits, recharge/replenish benefit, annual health check-ups and a no claim bonus.  

2)      Comprehensive Plan

The Raheja QBE Comprehensive plan provides you with a financial security at the time of an eventuality. It will cover benefits of the basic plan but without sub-limits for room rent, ICU charges, doctor’s fees and disease related fees.

3)      Super Saver Plan

The Raheja QBE health super saver plan will provide affordable access to add-ons.  In addition to that, it will also cover the benefits of the basic plan, with the option to include add-ons at a premium discount if you opt for a co-pay of 20%.

4)      A la carte plan

A la carte plan will provide flexible access to add-ons, covering the health benefits of the basic plan. It also provides an option to include add-ons that are relevant to your needs. The add-ons will include the sub-limit waiver, the 20% co-payment and option for 2-year coverage.

Benefits of having Raheja QBE Health insurance Policy

Some of the benefits offered by Raheja QBE health insurance policy as listed below:

1)      The policy will cover the person with age group from 90 days to 65 years, and the maximum entry age is restricted to 65 years.

2)      The health insurance policy provides lifelong renewals.

3)      Offers smooth and easy claims process.

Thus, Raheja QBE health insurance policies are easy to understand and are loaded with customizable options.

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