In mafia city h5, Why are we not able to login, crash and stuck?

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Except the workday doesn't begin for hours -- it's 6am, and no one has slept. Fitzpatrick Segwayed into the room three hours ago, Online Mafia Games and hasn't left. Tempers have frayed, and language has descended into the gutter. Wales is making wild accusations. Fitzpatrick is begging and pleading. Gibson, overwhelmed by the pressure, lets out a scream and starts pelting the others with pretzels. No one is drunk or under any narcotic influence, and yet all three men are moments away from what Fitzpatrick will later describe as "a mindfuck". A year on, Gibson concurs. "It left me with the sense that one of my basic anchors on reality had been ripped loose," he recalls. Wales still talks about the all-nighter with reverent awe:"It was amazing. It was a work of art. It was a thing of beauty." Werewolf: How a parlour game became a tech phenomenon
Mafia City H5 Game
O'Reilly Media is the biggest name in tech publishing, and the men gathered round its boardroom table this July morning in 2008 are typical of the mavens who frequent its Sebastopol, California, HQ. Here is Brian Fitzpatrick, head of engineering at Google Chicago; Rich Gibson, an O'Reilly author and member of the GigaPan panoramic camera project; and Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Just another networking day in Silicon Valley, then.

It was, more specifically, a parlour game.

Werewolf is a game of deception and manipulation. It has infected almost every significant tech event around the world, from the informal Foo Camp conferences run by O'Reilly to the music, film and interactive-media crossover of South By Southwest (SXSW). During lunch at San Francisco's giant Game Developers Conference, or in the bars after closing at ETech, games of Werewolf break out spontaneously. Its core premise is simple -- a room is split between villagers and werewolves, and the former aren't aware who are their enemies, determined to eat them. Can the werewolves eat their prey before the villagers identify and lynch the werewolves?

In practice -- perhaps unsurprisingly, given the kind of people playing -- the games played at tech events are rarely that simple.
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