Bring Your Space to Life, Even When You?re on a Budget

Posted by Gaby Wallace on July 4th, 2018

The biggest roadblock we all face when redecorating our home is undoubtedly the cost. Decorating can be expensive, it’s no secret. However, the real secret lies in the tricks you can use to save some money without sacrificing the quality of your decor. Designing on a dime doesn’t have to look like that’s what you paid for it. Here are some of the best tips for bringing some fresh design to your place when your budget is limited.


Thrift - no, we mean really thrift. Thrifting has become so trendy these days, with many a vintage shop popping up to be scoured. However, many of these places are still pretty pricey, with precious antiques and heirlooms lining their walls. Instead of opting for a fancy antique shop, go for the true thrift stores that sell secondhand items. These often have more character, and though less polished, they are extremely cheap to improve. We won’t tell anyone if you have your eye on that curbside cabinet, either.

Look for the potential in items like end tables and lamps, and imagine the ways you can get creative with it. Painting or refinishing will transform a ‘low-end’ product into something spectacular and unique. Look for items that are sturdy and structured, even if they are unsightly, and determine what color or finish would best add to your new space.

If you’re going to shell out a little bit more, think of it as a true investment. Invest in pieces that are necessary and that you can confidently say will last. Spending a little bit more now will save you the headache in the long run when you have to replace earlier than anticipated. So if you’re going to splurge (which we all at some point do during a renovation), make sure it’s the only time you’ll need to do so for a while.

We suggest a couch as your big splurge. You’ll likely be spending a lot of time on it, so you’ll want it to be spacious, comfortable, and as the centerpiece of any living room you’ll also want it to look good. If you choose to spend big on something else you really love, like an end table, we suggest only purchasing one. Aside from the hefty savings, your piece will stand out more if it’s singular.

Use illusions to make your space look bigger if you’re tight on money and space. There are a number of tricks the Décor Aid designers live by when working with tiny NYC apartments that need a luxurious renovation. For example, hanging a large mirror can create the illusion of more space and allow your room to appear bigger. They’re also practical, so no space is wasted. You can also make ceilings look higher with the way you place furniture. Purchase vertical versions of items whenever the option is there, like bookcases and light fixtures.

Make low ceilings look higher by placing furniture vertically so that the eye follows the lineup. When choosing window treatments, pick options that are mounted high and reach all the way to the ground, so that they don’t cut the wall short.

Reinvent pieces you already have. Have you ever noticed you have a particularly gorgeous sun hat, but never get a chance to wear it? Use it as decor instead. Hats are easy to hang on walls or lay on tables for an interesting piece of decor. Old books that you finished ages ago and store under your bed can be brought out to fill the space on a coffee table or shelf. Before you get rid of any items, see if they may serve a better purpose elsewhere as a decorative item. The best part is, you’ll find a new purpose for an item you already have, and don’t have to spend money on any additional decor.

Switch out the details. Don’t have the funds to do a complete overhaul on your room but you know a change needs to be made? Swap out the small details, for they can stack up to make a real impact. Things like throw pillows, lamp shades, area rugs or throw blankets that are relatively cheap and easy to move in and out of a room are perfect for just this. You can create an entirely new color scheme or feel of a room by using these few items as decor replacements.

Practice minimalism. Minimalism is trendy - so going light on the decor won’t make it look like you didn’t have a budget, it will look purposeful and sophisticated. Having a minimalistic room allows you to be choosier on what you buy, and relieves the pressure of having to fill up every empty nook and cranny with meaningless decor. Cheaper pieces from places like Ikea are also perfect for minimalistic storage pieces, because they are simplistic in style and have few embellishments. This gives your budget some room to breathe while still remaining stylish.

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