Know What Happened When We Put the iOS 12 beta on an iPhone 5S

Posted by karen minton on July 4th, 2018

The iOS 12 beta has one of the boatloads of features that seizing your attention which includes Memoji, improved notifications, and group FaceTime calls.

Therefore, one of the most important changes is the performance increases under the cover, particularly for the older devices such as iPhone 5S.

Recently, Apple had made some big claims during the time of WWDC keynote when the Apple first revealed the iOS 12. By using the example of an iPhone 6 Plus we will now discuss the features-

  • The application was launched up to 40 percent faster
  • The Keyboard speed comes up to 50 percent faster
  • And the slide to take a photo is over 70 percent faster

Theoretically, these features of 12 beta appear to be the biggest improvements. But the iPhone 6 Plus is not even the oldest device which can run on the iOS 12. In fact, that’s only the iPhone 5S.

Consequently to know how the latest iOS performs on the oldest phone, take two 16GB iPhone 5S models and then do the factory reset. And now it was one running on the iOS 12 public beta and the other iOS 11.4.

However, we even don’t even claim to be a scientific test, but only an anecdotal account of how fast the OS will perform when performing the real-world tasks. Always try to keep in mind that iOS 12 is still in the public beta and performance might change between now and also the final release in this fall.

Though launching applications like Safari and Mail were always noticeably quicker in the iOS 12 beta, the only difference in others includes Weather and Maps which was hardly visible.

Recently, Apple’s claim that during the keynote it was the share sheet comes up twice as quick when the system is already under the load. And we also found that the share sheet will come up much quicker than it did on the iOS 11, even when there was no any other application were open. However, these types of the result weren’t always reliable after running it numerous times in a row; mostly the iOS 11.4 caught up to the beta.

However, the startup time was the category where the iOS 12 beta fell after. The iOS 11.4 was loaded much faster and also was ready to go approximately 9 seconds before iOS 12.

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