Virus Total Monitor Launched to Mitigate the False Positives

Posted by Aida Martin on July 4th, 2018

Antivirus security software is always considered to be capable when it produces the minimum false positives. In fact, it is one of the most important features that an antivirus program must have possessed. The false positives are nothing, but it is the virus scan results which incorrectly indicate that a certain application or program is very harmful or is affected by a virus.

However, these kinds of results are harmful as the results it might also cause the deletion of a rather useful program. Due to the false positive results, the antivirus program might also block the application or program from running them smoothly on the system. Hence, it is very necessary that there are very less or no any false positive results available.

VirusTotal Monitor Moderates the False Positives

VirusTotal Monitor is a program which supports the antivirus programs. To allow the applications and antivirus software, the VirusTotal antivirus has studied numerous types of the malware. Hence, the antivirus program can support antivirus security software for better detecting the virus and also not wrongly detect a program as a harmful.

Previously, the VirusTotal Monitor program was focused on helping the antivirus industry flag malicious files. Now, the updated version of the antivirus security software helps the antivirus programs to fix mistaken detections of legit files that are false positives.

How Virus Total Monitor Helps Antivirus Programs?

As a VirusTotal Monitor’s team has been mentioned in a blog the false positives impact not only the vendor’s of the antivirus; but also on the software developers and end-users.

For the vendor of antivirus, declining a popular application or software as malware might result in the reputation of damage. Besides with it, the detection of the same program as malware that leads to the software which is being blocked and quarantined from running on end-user machines. As a result of this, some of the end-users are confused whether the program has trojanized their machines as they are not capable of accessing it like before.

For the software developer, this instantly translates to blacking out the complete user base of the detecting AV vendor. Suddenly, they not only lose the revenue which is coming from the installed base, but the user can also trust from less technical users by that they even do not understand what is going on, and they get overloaded with the support tickets that accusing them of infecting the user machines. As a result, the application or software may litigate the antivirus company for the damage.

However, this whole disaster can be saved if the AV program is capable of avoiding false positives. And it is where the VirusTotal Monitor also helps the AV programs.


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