Not All Private Label Fish Oil Are Alike

Posted by icelan direct on July 4th, 2018

However, getting wholesale fish oil from the right source is important if you care about bringing your customers the highest quality products. Many private label fish oil products are filled with contaminants and high mercury levels. Ultimately, these products do more harm than good. Getting your wholesale fish oil from a manufacturer that cares more about profits than quality control will result in unsatisfied customers and even legal trouble.

At Icelandirect, we source our fish oil from the natural and untainted waters of Iceland. Our wholesale fish oil is never farmed. We produce our products with heavy scrutiny and make sure that each batch of our wholesale fish oil is tested for potency and purity. That’s why companies that care about their brand and long term customer loyalty choose us as their private label fish oil source.

We offer a wide variety of fish oil as well. You’ll find everything from cod liver oil, krill oil, salmon oil and even tuna oil. We also offer distinct products like private label fish oil for cats and dogs. These products are human grade and are perfect for pet owners that want the best for their pets. This gives you an opportunity to tap into a niche market that is still in the process of growing.

We Provide Any Custom Fish Oil Blend You Need

We can provide you wholesale fish oil whether you need a liquid, capsule, or chewable form. We can even customize the wholesale fish oil flavors and fortify them with other nutrients that complement each other like Vitamin D. As a result, you’ll be able to market a private label fish oil that stands apart from the everyday products that are being sold in today’s marketplace.


In Need Of Wholesale Omega-3 Fish Oil For Private Labeling

Looking to increase revenue for your supplement business? A great product to add is a private label fish oil product. By working with a reputable wholesale fish oil manufacturer, you can add a solid private label fish oil product to your business that will sell for many years to come.

Why Wholesale Fish Oil?

Sourcing wholesale fish oil is a great business move for several reasons. First of all, fish oil has become a standard everyday supplement just like multivitamins and Vitamin C. More consumers are looking for a fish oil supplement to add to their daily regimen. Second, investing in wholesale fish oil is a smart choice because of the various health benefits it is proven to provide.

Fish oil has been known to be a great anti-inflammatory, joint aid and heart health supplement. Many companies are opting to go with private label fish oil for a wide variety of target audiences. Some include private label fish oil for kids, older adults, athletes and even pets.

Private label fish oil can be sold as a subscription service and is also an easy upsell to regular orders. Most consumers that are taking supplements already know the benefits of fish oil and are open to purchasing them from a health and supplement company that they’re already doing business with.

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