Is Mobile Cloud Testing Beneficial for Testers and Organizations?

Posted by impactqaindia on July 4th, 2018

Organizations of every financial standard are after adopting agile workflows due to which all pressure load comes on the shoulders of quality assurance experts to seek new and improved means of testing techniques helping this initiative. By making use of Cloud Testing, resources such as software and hardware available on demand are evaluated to make sure they meet functional and non-functional targets. After the close assessment, cloud testing has come into view as a strength in the life-cycle of software development and has been proven to be advantageous to QA teams. Here is the list of some benefits a team of professionals can expect to see from Mobile cloud testing.

●    Pocket-Friendly
The software testers very well know how much it costs to test an application and eliminate any errors and bugs that emerge. The testing tool infrastructure and licensing costs can easily ramp up the expenses, especially when there are large groups of testers or a team which is targeted to deliver a certain number of projects per year. Although, mobile cloud testing services in India enables organizations to save big bucks and get expenses in control. The flexibility of the platform allows tools to easily transform and scale according to the team’s requirements, mostly on the pay-what-you-use basis.

●    Limitless Availability
Another merit of the cloud testing is that users can access and utilize their resources through any device, whether it be a laptop or their smartphone, of course when they have internet access. Teaming with the first advantage, this means there is no priority for hardware and software investment. Instead, QA team members can test the software application whenever and wherever they feel like doing. The dynamic availability of cloud helps QA team create situations that are similar to real life conditions which can be mandatory for testing a certain project’s optimal performance and scalability.

●    Flexible & Customizable for Testing Needs
Every now and then new devices come into existence in the workforce and employees expect to use these devices for their job. Software testing team is constantly under pressure to test the applications across these devices and make sure that all the functions are working fine. However, it is easier to say than to do traditionally. The cloud comes to the rescue and helps QA team to test multiple routes at a time. They can perform load and performance testing on every condition to figure out how different permutations can affect the application on a certain device.

●    Agile Workflows Compatibility
Cloud testing is based on a platform that is inherently collaborative, therefore it is compatible with agile work ideals. With the help of this, organizations can make a test management solution in these environments and involve their members in every part of the development process, ensuring that all members are on the same ship.

As organizations and enterprises move towards more agile processes, mobile cloud testing can provide a whole array of benefits. By streamlining this approach in QA management workflows of testing, teams can work faster and achieve new goals of quality assurance as a result.

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