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Posted by clever ativity on July 5th, 2018

Do you doubt that your visual content won’t look cool enough? Here is what I normally do: I take a look at other images shared by people on Pinterest. Pinterest is image sharing site and my favorite place to search for visual trends. It has everything visual, from infographics to quote cards. You can make use of Pinterest to know what type of graphics the audience can resonate with through the number of repins.

No need copying the images verbatim rather find out what exactly what appeals to you about the image and what all the images you like have in common.

Graphics can be impactful without being complicated. Keep it simple, it makes more sense that way. Make sure to remove any elements which are competing with your message on the graphics.

So know what type of visuals that is trending by using image networks like Pinterest to get ideas of trends you can use in creating your own trendy, attention grabbing and very shareable content is short time.


How To Create Converting Social Media Graphics

Do you notice how visual social media has become these days? We are not just talking about the text updates. Everything you now see has an image, video or graphic associated with it. There is a reason why this is trending nowadays. Social Media Graphics has ability to grab attention like nothing else. Study has shown that our brain process visuals about sixty thousand faster than text. Remember the old saying “an image is worth more than a thousand words”. But what can you do when you are not a graphic designer? An average internet user finds it hard and time consuming to design basic images, for others, designing images is simply an impossible task.

The truth is that you need visuals. What should you do then? Should you hire a graphics designer? What if you don’t have enough money to afford it?

Don’t Panic Yet! We may have a solution for you. You are about to see yourself in a completely new world where design is a simple thing to do, it’s free and in some cases painlessly affordable and most importantly, it’s repeatable.

Are you ready to see it? Below is the 5 design hacks which will help you to make your social media content engaging and shareable


Avoid Using Text So Much

Hey! I know you love text (who doesn’t?). Heck, am even using text now to speak to you. However, one downside of text is that it can get overwhelming very quickly. The aim of using visuals instead of text is to allow shapes, colors and textures do the heavy lifting.

It does not matter whether you are posting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+, don’t use text to crowd out the images.

You can use text to reiterate the title of your blog post. By pinning the graphic to the top of your blog post, you will be able to give your readers a clue that they can be able to share your visuals on their social media pages. It is even more enticing since you have the title on the graphic.

Don’t shy away from adding social share hovers on top of your images either. You can use WordPress Image Hover Lite to do it easily


Make Use of High Quality Stock Images

You should be aware that the quality of graphics you post on social media platforms are a reflection of your brand itself. So what’s the reason for using stock images? We as humans have attractiveness bias – our attention are easily drawn to things that look nice and what is nice than a nicely-shot stock photography to enhance your content?

A good stock photography will not only draw your reader’s attention but it will also boost your brand’s professionalism and credibility. Only few people will trust a brand that does not give attention to the images they use on social media platforms. For most people, using awkward, grainy and cheesy images is a big turn-off, especially when the direct competitor is using stunning stock images.

Don’t overrule the idea of using stock images by thinking they are very expensive. There are a lot of high quality, beautiful stock images for almost every category imaginable you can get as low as .

These images are of high quality and you can use them for commercial purposes and most importantly, you can get them for free.

Now you know, you have no excuse to settle for those unapologetic images that gives your brand a bad name, more importantly, you no reason at all not to use images in our post.

Use a range of visual content

The most powerful way to engage fans on social media is with the use of visual content. However, you fans don’t need to be seeing the same images over and over again. You can solve this problem by creating a variety. Here are four strategies you can use to create varieties:

Quote graphics

Quote graphics enable your fans to easily connect with the message of your brand and not just your product.

People love seeing quote-graphics because they can easily relate to them. It gives them the motivation to share the inspiration with their friends. Try experimenting with strong and bold vs. minimalistic and light so as to create series of quote graphics that will appeal to your fans.



Telling a story is one of the most compelling ways to grab the attention of your audience with your brand and infographics allows you to tell a story in a visually captivating way

When creating your own infographics, ensure that you designed it in such a way that it contains facts and figures which are organized in a logical way that the audience won’t have problem noticing. Use appealing colors to communicate directives and also make use of icons to tell your visual story.


Using screenshot to answer customer’s question on your social media page is one way to engage your audience while providing him with helpful service that he will appreciate. Use screenshots to give customers a sneak peek or something that you or your brand is working on. It makes the fan feel important since they think they are getting exclusive information.

You will also have more chances of getting your contents shared when you use screenshots to explain, exemplify or demonstrate something to your consumers. Visuals make it easier and very quick to understand contents.



Put your photography skills on display. It does not matter whether you are using Instagram or Twitter; you can make use of your own photos that you snapped to bring people into your world. There are probably millions of apps available in smartphones that you can use to take pictures and share them in a snap.

Photos without any doubt are super shareable. Visit any social media platform; people are constantly sharing millions of photos every day. So when you share one insightful, stunning snapshot that you took, they have huge chances of making rounds.

When creating lots of contents that you want to share on social media, you may probably need to use template in order to make the work easier and quick for you.

Brand your graphics

The reason for creating super shareable social media visuals is to bring people back to your website. However, it is so unfortunate that some people failed to make their image traceable. It’s bad to find an informative graphic that grabs your attention but you can’t find information that reveals the publisher so that you can know more.


Don’t make this kind of mistake.

Ensure that you always add a watermark to your graphics, no need to make it obnoxious, full color logo sticker. Show off your brand by adding a simple link to your website towards the bottom of your graphic.

Don’t forget to use templates. It doesn’t matter whether you are using infographics, quotes, photographs or other elements; ensure that you use templates to maintain consistency. Your

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