How To Start Saving For You Future, Practical Advices

Posted by fellow on July 5th, 2018

In order to start saving for the future, you need to realize that every person on the Earth wants to be able to solve his financial problems. Unfortunately, most people are thinking at Savings not before but after having problems. 

In order to save you do not necessarily have to be in a difficult financial situation, we can save money and when we are well.

We can save money if we want to buy something valued in the near future or save money for critical moments. Before we start saving, we have to set a goal - what is the amount of money that we want to save?

We can not be successful if we do not have a target to push us from behind. After we have set a goal, we begin to think about how to save.  

Bellow you will find 10 ideas that will answer your question: "how to save money?".

  1. Think about the ratio of what you want to buy (what you like to buy) and what you really need (necessity). Think at all the products you buy daily. Now answer the following questions: I eat at the restaurant / fast food a lot? can I withstand certain products I do not really need like coffee, cigarettes, candy, chocolate, juice, etc? do we really need smartphone, tablet, plasma, laptop? do we really need more bank accounts? do we need new clothes? Can I use my clothes from last year? Those are just a few questions you can answer while analysing the ratio of: what I like to buy and what I really need. The second question to answer is this: where can I cut the expensesAlways cut in multiple places because it will increase your chance of reaching your goal.
  2. Set a percentage of your monthly income to save. Open a bank deposit to feed it on a monthly basis with your savings.
  3. Use a personal budget. Try to control all the expenses and income you are making. Plan all your incomes and all expenses at the beginning of the month and then try to stick with them. This will help you become more responsible, more orderly and more efficient. you can download a personal budget model here.
  4. Pay your bills on time. This will save you from paying more penalties than the invoiced amount.
  5. Has your salary increased? This is part of your saving!
  6. Try to use less water, electricity and gas. Do not let water flow without purpose. Do not let the light on if there's no one in that room. Do not let the power on if you leave home for longer. If you save energy when using your utilities, you will save money as well. Try to analyse your energy habits and try to be as economical as possible and save the planet as well.
  7. Save money from transport. Try not to use the car any-more and go more with public transport or even bicycle. You can save money in your bank deposit. If you can not go by bus try to save on gasoline.
  8. Track promotions. Try to keep an eye on offers and buy only discounted items. All the money you save buying discounted things you can put in your bank deposit. An example would be: Use coupons, exclusive savings, and special discounts .
  9. Rent and not buy. If they are expensive goods try to rent them if you do not need them in the long run. Buy what you need, rent what you do not need a long time. Think that you have the opportunity to borrow from the acquaintances. Save the money you would give on a new product for other occasions.
  10. Think every night that you want to save money. This will help you remember and impose not to make unnecessary expenses (those expenses that you like).
  11. Bonus: never give up!
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