"TERA" guild system updates on-line public battle new means of understanding the

Posted by baby on July 6th, 2018

Happy to spread announced, "TERA" new guild system on this (14) days to file for version 2.0, players will take more convenience and improved interface, the gameplay also play against evolution derived from one of of the Society with the unlimited guild war the Fuzion mode. In addition, to get to know the arrival in the Mid-Autumn Festival, the state run also introduce hanbok limit Chinese New Year along with the new horse clothing "ancient dragon."

On the "TERA" vast continent, every hero embrace various different dreams in battles, different individuals for their same ideals gathered together, gather up the Buy Tera Items forces which shares unique will be the "Association"! However, only following a bloody battle still of just one mind guild are able to stand on the pinnacle of glory, even though the "Society of war" will be the test in the strength in their exclusive stage!

Since eagerly looking towards the "guild system 2.0" after a state update, Society of war also play against evolution in one to unlimited guild war, fierce fighting becomes more dangerous, plus much more test team co-battle understanding, in any other case perfect tactical deployment will likely lose the fruits of victory super fast. Only wanting to train combat capability and cooperation between partners, so as to enjoy the magnificent battle to address a dazzling exquisite! "Above grade 11" long and it has now reached "outposts design" may also Bei Lika and guild war Wizard "Bala Korea" dialogue in the "Regional Construction Association battle outpost" entered the war, and never only the first guild to obtain many exclusive privileges, but in addition able to gain a noble symbol of valor throne "battle lion"! More powerful challenge is officially debut, wanting to become the first guild that men and women envy yet?

Legend has got the most power to enforce empty horse "Ancient Dragon" not just born with powerful majestic physique, can override one other horse, reached the limits of flight speeds. Dragon assisted the Tera XBOX Items best way to play the main fighting force unparalleled inside the battle, in reinforcing the critical strike damage attributable to! Heroes, distinguished extraordinary Dragon horse delays for you to manage their system of hegemony throughout the continent!

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