How to Earn From Your Digital Currency Blog?

Posted by mudassarali143 on July 5th, 2018

Are you running a successful blog on digital currency?

If yes, you will be surfing the internet to find the best advertising medium that gives you maximum output. To monetize your content, you always look forward to the best possible opportunities and cryptocurrency advertising is one such opportunity that you should grab.

Once the advertisers approve you, the ads will be displayed on your website that will have high CPC or CPM rate that will increase your revenue from the website. But before you move ahead with more details, you should know about the CPC and CPM ads.

The CPC ads are those ads that bring money in your wallet when you click on a particular advertisement showcased on your website. The CPC is the acronym of Cost Per Click. Here the entire earning depends upon the number of clicks you have earned through your website

Similarly, the CPM is termed as Cost per Thousand Impressions. It exams you will be paid a certain amount after the ad is displayed to your visitors for one thousand times. This is another way of earning through your website ads.

The CPC and CPM are judged on different parameters that you can use to increase their rate and boost your earrings.

Multiple cryptocurrency advertising agencies offer you use their advertising services and showcase crypto-ads on your website in return for your earning.

How Crypto-Ads Agencies Work?
Basically, being a website owner, you are provided with the dashboard where you need to start with your sign-up process, followed by the selection among Publisher or Advertiser. As you are the publisher, you need to submit your website and share as much information as possible on it. Once you are done with your workout, your request will reach the moderators and will be approved after complete verification.

You need to rest aside and wait for your ads approval. Once the admin approves your request, you will be provided with the unique code that you need to implement on your website and start showing the relevant ads.

That’s all!

Now you can easily track your website and analyze the response of every ad you have applied on your website. In case you want multiple ads, you can use different codes and can analyze them through custom reports available in the dashboard. You can even create your own reports and start tracking your ads.

Applying for crypto-based ads on your website is easy, but you need to get verified by the advertising platform. In short, whether you are the owner of million visitors per day or a couple of them, you can easily apply for the crypto-ads on your website and start earning form those ads. The advertisers will help you earn more with high CTR (Click through Rate)

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a website that delivers information on digital currency, you should definitely apply for the advertising platform and start earning through the ads being displayed on your website.

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