8 Types of Craft Beer Served At Craft Beer Club

Posted by glainmax55 on July 6th, 2018

The crafts beer has many varieties. The different variety comes with a different flavor. The variety of craft beer is so diverse that it is impossible to describe all in one place. Here we come up with 10 different types of the Craft beers.

1.    Ale:

This is most popular variety beer. The color of this variety is dark brown. The demand for this beer is huge in Craft Beer Midtown. The unique flavor of this beer came from the gruit a special mixture of the special type of herb & spices. Some beer company makes ale beer with the flower of the hop plant.

2.    Lambic:

The beer making process is highly influenced by the yeast. Without yeast, there is no fermentation of any beer. But, there a special technique used where no yeast involved in the process of fermentation. This beer is the Lambic beer.  

3.    American Lager:

The lager is the number one commercial beer flavor. The color of this beer is very light and very complex in flavors. This beer is made from the whole grains like rice, maize, wheat etc.

4.    Stout:

These are the richest beer types in the world. These are very dark in color. The ingredients used to make this beer are yeast, water, the flowers of hop plant and roasted malt or barley etc. The beer lover can enjoy the stout types craft beer times square with friends.

5.    Weissbier:

This is very popular in European countries. The malted wheat is the key ingredients of this beer. This beer is available in both sweet and strong flavor.

6.    Bock:

The Bock is very dark in color. This is a very old type beer and used as a nutritional drink. The use of religious fasting by the spiritual leaders is giving this beer a holy mark.

7.    Porter:

Porter is a classic flavor beer. This flavor is widely used by the people engaged in hard physical labor. This dark beer is very popular and important craft beer all over the world.

8.     Cocktail beer:

The list of different types of craft beer is endless and need to years to describe all the varieties. These are some of the popular among the regular drinkers so find a place in this article.

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