Handicapping College Football: Avoid These Mistakes!

Posted by Lucas Bell on July 6th, 2018

College football betting can be hugely profitable when you do it seriously!  While a large number of people make bets but they make some mistakes consistently that brings them losses.  In this post we’ll discuss these mistakes:

Ignoring time of possession

A large number of bettors focus on strengths of offenses when they are betting on college football.  Okay, one has to pay attention to it but can even the best offense do anything when they don’t have the ball.  You have to pay attention to the overall control of the ball by the team as that may well be the deciding factor for the outcome.

Not paying attention to injuries

Most bettors will pay to attention to the injuries of the star players, but they hardly pay attention to the injuries of not so known players. If the injuries have attacked the offense of the team then it could impact the ability of the team to win the game and hence the outcome of the bet.

Not paying attention to the defense of the team

If you speak to bettors, you will find them talking about the offense more than anything else. It is assumed that all points will be scored by offense no matter what the defense of the other team is. If the opposite team has a good defense then even the best offense may not be able to wade through it. It means that those bets that were made keeping the best offense in mind may not bear the desired results.

Betting On Hype

Are you a bettor who places wagers based on media hype? Then you might also be aware of the many stories prevalent in the market just to get more eyeballs in every match. It means that there are teams that get more attention than others and there are others who don’t get the respect that they deserve. Many naïve bettors go by this hype so the odds and totals often reflect this hype. But later on, they discover that they have made a bad betting decision.

Drawing too much from full season stats

If you have been focusing on full season stats more than the current stats then the chances are that you may end up making wrong bets.

In The End

When you bet on sports and that on college football, then you must void these mistakes to ensure good gains.

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