Thoughts on Abstract Art Paintings

Posted by Alisha Sharma on July 7th, 2018

It is perhaps one of the most talked about discussions in the art world today; is Abstract art an art?

Or is it a mockery of art in the face of loose brush strokes and deformed colour patterns?

What’re your thoughts on Abstract art?

I am writing this blog to offer the clarity on what is the thought process of people on abstract art paintings and why do they think so.

Let’s begin:

Abstract art and the perception

From an artist’s point of view, abstract art communicates with your more as the time goes by.

For artists, abstract art speaks back to them and tell them what more can be done.

This may sound weird to you but this is how artists define the abstract art.

Abstract art is considered very special because only a bunch of people can decipher the real message hiding beyond the bold colours, unstructured compositions and deformed patterns.

Some experts say that abstract art tells us something that we cannot see and feel, something that is out of this universe.

IMHO, abstract art paintings do raise our consciousness to a higher level. Your brain can understand and decode the meaning hidden in the unidentifiable objects that are not at all related to our lives.

This shows that abstract art observers have a higher consciousness level. By this statement, do not get misunderstood that those who cannot relate to abstract art has low or no consciousness at all.

I am just saying that people who understand the abstract art are more likely to have an elevated consciousness level.

Few of the critics while comparing abstract art with traditional art bashes the former art type too harshly.

I say you cannot compare abstract art and traditional art together.

It’s like comparing a fish with a rabbit.

The two of the art forms are not on the same level. Traditional art forms have existed for like thousands of years.

While abstract art came into existence only a few centuries back.

I would also like to pinpoint a special issue here which I have gone through while reading and observing several artist’s journal and artwork respectively.

There are few artists who let their creativity flow without any interruption and hassle. Those are the artists that come up with their best work in a matter of minutes.

The issue is that when as an abstract artist if you come up with something extraordinary either in 10 minutes or 10 years, it doesn’t matter.

The whole purpose you are painting an abstract is that you want yourself to be expressed. That’s the main purpose.

Most of the artists (especially the toddlers) have this assumption that this style is supposed to be harder only, which is not true at all.

In fact, it depends totally on the artist.

Final Takeaway

Last but not the least, abstract art is the freedom you get, both as an artist and as a viewer. An artist can free himself/herself from the shackles of the conventional art styles.

As a viewer, you can always find more than one interpretation of the same artwork. That’s the beauty of an abstract art painting; the freeness to imagine and connect.


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