Along with the mmogo TERA is not any different

Posted by rsgoldfastnan on July 7th, 2018

Along with the mmogo TERA is not any different. But you might argue that this occasion is going to be different than most of others, because their event is one that is on a much larger scale. How so? In TERA's event, the buy Tera Gold critters of their world have gone, crazier, they're doing things that they were not doing before. Mainly, they are attacking specific territories, and now you've got to prevent it.

If you're looking for specifics on who's doing what, the Steam page for the reveal notes :"Worshipers of Fire will be besieging the world's icy regions, the argons are starting a fresh invasion of Seeliewood, and the dwellers of Bathysmal Rise want to flooding the deserts with chilly waters."

Oh, and there is a fourth set out there as well. You will find skeletons infused with dark chaos magic who want to carry out the living. Take them out as well. The map above shows precisely where all of these creatures on in regards to their plans. Go to them, then stop them at all costs.

Now, a fascinating part of the TERA event is these creatures and attacks will only take place during particular times of the day. The Tera gold episode goes from the 26th through November 1st, however, only during particular 3-hour periods do the attacks really occur. So, make sure to know the schedule (it's on the Steam page) to understand when to be where.

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