Path of Exile open beta earlier this week

Posted by baby on July 9th, 2018

Grinding Gears Games, the New Zealand Development house behind Path of Exile, has become quietly focusing on the beta since August this past year. Today, it announced who's would open the Beta for public access the other day, March 30-April 1.

"The open weekend should include the first two acts in the game, Default and Hardcore leagues, five character classes, approximately 55 active skills, 40 support gems and countless item types," Grinding Gears said in a email to Buy Tera Items every one beta testers this morning.

The online-only RPG costs nothing to play, and has become likened to Diablo 2, among other games. You play as one of five classes: Marauder (strength), Ranger (dexterity), Witch (intelligence), Duelist (strength/dexterity) or Templar (strength/intelligence).

Characters adventure over the dark fantasy environment, tackling monsters and quests, and level up via skill-trees. Skills can also be acquired through "Skill Gems" which can be added to equipment to improve skills which gain powers as characters gain experience.

The game might be played in solo, co-op or pvp mode. Trailers and videos showing some with the game info is Tera PS4 Items available on Grinding Gears Youtube channel.

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