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Posted by courtcouturetennis on July 9th, 2018

Toiletries and Makeup – Unless the hotel you’re staying in is not offering toiletries like soap, body wash, shampoo and lotion, you need to bring some. Keep your toiletries and makeup inside a makeup bag or pouch that will prevent anything from spilling all over your bag. Good makeup bags or pouches to be placed inside women’s tennis bags are made of materials that would prevent leaks if anything spills inside it.

Remember to bring just a few things but don’t forget the most important ones. One way to save yourself from shoulder pains and back aches is to bring a lightweight tennis bag that has everything you need inside it.

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Women who are just starting out in playing tennis maybe having this usual beginner’s dilemma of how to stuff their tennis bags. For new tennis players, knowing the basic things to bring in a tennis match is important in order to be prepared well. Knowing what to bring for a tennis match simply makes sense – especially for women. Women tend to bring more things than men – but worry not, because women’s tennis bags are pretty easy to organize if you have the right tennis bag with you.


How To Stuff Your Tennis Bag

So how do you stuff your tennis bag? Here are some of the most important things to bring in your tennis bag and why:

Racquets – Perhaps two racquets just in case something happens to the one you’re using. It’s the same as bringing a spare tire anywhere you drive your car. This is the most basic thing you need to bring and you need a bag that can store at least up to two racquets at the same time.

Snacks, Water or Energy Drink – Bring trail mix, bananas, power bars or anything that can help you keep your sugar levels balanced, keep you hydrated and help nourish your muscles. You will need energy-giving foods and replenishing liquids as you sweat and tire your muscles. Pack in some handy snacks unless you want to pay more for just a single chocolate bar inside the club!

Handy Towels – Handy towels are essentials. After a tennis match, you need to freshen up and take a shower. Fold up your towel neatly and seal it in a ziploc to keep it clean and fresh until the time you’re actually going to use it.

Extra Clothes and Sunglasses – An extra shirt and undergarments are must-haves in your tennis bag. In general, if the weather is warm, you can bring in extra tennis skirt and if it’s cold out, leg warmers are recommended. Sunglasses are also excellent to bring when it’s too bright and sunny outdoors. Keep your sunglasses in a hard case to prevent it from breaking. Your clothes must be neatly folded and kept in a ziploc to keep them clean. This way, you also avoid your clothes from collecting stains from whatever else is inside your bag.

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