Induject-250 [Testosterone Combination 2500mg] ? 10ml ? Alpha-Pharma

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Sustanon is a mix of Testosterones. The diversity of esters allows Sustanon to act in several ways, both short term and long term. This diverse composition enables to provide a satisfactory muscle mass seizure of qualitatively and quantitative perspective.

Induject 250 is an oil-based injectable Testosterone blend, developed by the Indian based firm, Alpha Pharma. It typically contains four different Testosterone esters:

– Testosterone Propionate (30 mg)

– Testosterone Phenylpropionate (60 mg)

– Testosterone Isocaproate (60mg)

– Testosterone Decanoate (100 mg)

The presence of Testosterone Propionate provides results from the first day of intake. With other esters present in this mix, the Sustanon allows maintaining the high rate of testosterone over a period of 4 weeks.

Thus, the weekly injections of Sustanon will help you avoid blood fluctuation and maintain constant levels of testosterone throughout the duration of your treatment.

Aromasin 25 [Exemestane – 25mg] – 50 Tabs – Global Anabolic

Aromasin (exemestane) works as a steroidal aromatase inhibitor, functioning to reduce estrogen production by blocking the enzyme responsible. It was developed for postmenopausal women battling cancer and in particular need of aggressive therapy, where first-line medications have not worked successfully. On the average, Aromasin (exemestane) has an 85% rate for estrogen suppression, which makes it effective for treating cancer since certain cancers grow due to the body’s estrogen supply. Cut the estrogen and you help slow down the cancer. As for steroids use, Aromasin is a good option because male bodybuilders don’t have to worry about aromatization, the conversion of estrogen in the body, which is then responsible for side effects like acne, water retention, and gynecomastia. It is also not too harsh on blood lipids which make it great for long cycles. Since it also raises testosterone levels, it also makes fAromasinor a great component of a Post-Cycle-Therapy.


SOMAPURE [HGH 100iu]10 Amps – Meditech

Growth hormone Somatrope by Meditech is specially designed for sports users who want to increase their physical performance. The recommended dosage of Somatrope by Meditech corresponds to a muscular mass gain.

HGH is a hormone that is normally produced by the body. It really is synthesized and secreted by cells in the anterior pituitary gland located at the bottom of the mind. hGH stimulates many metabolic processes in cells. hGH impacts protein, fat, mineral and carbohydrate metabolism. The major role of HGH is to stimulate the liver to secrete Insulin-like Growth Factor-I (IGF-I). IGF-I stimulates production of cartilage cells, resulting in bone growth and also plays a key role in muscle protein synthesis and organ growth.

Many pro athletes in every sports use HGH. No wonder the players of today are far bigger, faster, and stronger than they were 20 years ago. Heck, just look at how they are able to recover from injuries faster.

Here are some benefits of HGH use from bodybuilders:

– Muscle Tissue Growth

– A Leaner; Tighter Physique

– Enhanced Bone, Joint; Tendon Strength

– Faster Recovery

– Improved Cholesterol Levels

– Increased Endurance And Performance In The Gym

– Higher Energy Levels

– Increased Libido

– Improvements In The Immune System

– Improvements In Skin – Smoother Skin

– Increased Metabolism

– Increased Fat Loss

– Deeper Sleep

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