Perks of Implementing a Quotation Manager

Posted by Maulik Shah on July 10th, 2018

Ecommerce is racing at a faster speed and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that online business is gaining momentum. Despite online retail has become a trend, it comes with its set of pros and cons. When any customer visits a web store to purchase more than one product, there are various ways and hacks to enhance and increase the sale. However, every customer wishes for a price that is cheaper than compared to other competitive websites.

This can lead to us losing out on customers as there is no interaction between the buyer and seller to fixate on a price profitable to both. The customer is likely to visit other websites that offer the same product at relatively cheaper prices. Do you think there is no solution to this problem? Thankfully, there is! We can simplify the process of managing online quotations with the help of quotation management tools like the Magento Quotation Extension.

Introduction to Quotation Management

So, what does this quotation management tool or quotation builder do? As the name suggests, this tool helps in building difficult and quotation of more than one product in a short time. It also helps in sharing the quote with the customers and receive their feedback. A quotation manager / builder helps you in resolving more service queries service, reducing unwanted and increasing revenue.

After installing a quotation manager within the web store, you can purchase products in bulk wherein you do not have to mention the exact prices of individual items. Adding quotation management tool reduces the risk of customers asking for discounts on the web store wherein personal interaction is not possible. This tool removes the hurdle of interaction with your customer as it provides an effective interface to submit quotes for products available on your store.

Benefits of Using Quotation Management Tool

Able to Propose a Quote

This tool helps the customers to check every product, basis which they can ask for quote for each of the product. After you provide the quote to the customer, the customer can place the order with the discussed quote. This entire process is hassle-free. To make life easier, you can also raise bars beyond which no quote will be accepted.

Managing Bulk Quotes is Easy

Managing bulk quotes or other communication with the customers is easy, also certain quotes on the web store can also be rejected. We can manage all these tasks easily using Magento quotation manager.  The customers as well as the web store admin will receive emails with the entire communication thread related to the quote negotiations.

Coupon Code Added

After purchasing bulk orders, you can now move on to the payment section wherein the customer just needs to add the quoted items to the cart and apply the coupon code. This quote is further added to the invoice or the bill generated, thus helping us earn more profits through bulk orders. Moreover, it is a simple and easy to install this extension for your web store which makes quote management for online businesses extremely easy and effortless.

Saves Time and Efforts

The quotation management helps in searching products swiftly, with multiple options to add to it.  You can also add the selected products and send this quotation to more than one recipient. Due to its speed, its reduces the turnaround time as well as reduces the operational costs, if any.


Quotation management tool is not only efficient for resolving customer queries, it also helps in reducing the time required for preparing quotes and keeping track of the same. With QMS at your service, you don’t need to worry about changes in price list, addition of new products or new principal. QMS will take care of everything!

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