mtu 6r 1500 care for the optimal solution

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mtu 6r 1500 care for the optimal solution

We care for the optimal solution for the special demands of each application and power range by chosing the ideal technology:
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)to lower NOx emissions as a key to compliance of regulations. Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is the ideal solution to meet current and future emission standards.

Engine model         mtu 6r 1500
Rated power max.     400 (536)kW (bhp)           
Rated power min.     0.00 (5,2)kW (bhp)           
Speed max.           1700rpm           
Exhaust emission     21,27
Dimensions and masses
Length (L)           mm (in)           1425 (56.10)
Width (W)           mm (in)           1005 (39,6)
Height (H)           mm (in)           1290 (50,8)
Mass (dry)           kg (lbs)           1277 (2815)
Engine main data
Bore/Stroke           mm (in)           139/171 (5,5/6,7)
Cylinder displacement           l           2,6
Displacement, total           l (cu in)           15,6 (952)
Rated power to DIN ISO 3046                     ICFN
Intake air temparature           25°C           
Charge air coolant temperature     40°C           
Site altitude above sea level     100m           
Barometric pressure           1000mbar

SCR is a technology that injects urea into the exhaust stream where a catalyst then helps to convert nitrogen pollutants into the harmless components nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. The SCR technology has been tried and tested for many years in the truck sector.           
The advantages of SCR in our mtu 6r 1500:
— Low fuel consumption
— Uncompromising engine availability and operational safety
— Substantial reduction in nitrogen oxide and greenhouse gas emissions
– No DPF and no DOC required
The perfect interplay of different technologies facilitates optimal results and the most important aim is achieved – a decrease in harmful emissions, along with a reduction in fuel consumption. A win-win situation for your earnings and the environment.

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