Three Prolific Things to Consider for a Lobby Renovation

Posted by devs harma on July 10th, 2018

The design of your building, no matter if you run a commercial office building, a hotel, or another location, is meant to reflect your business as a whole, and give people positive feelings in one way or another. When visitors walk into your front door, they are expected to be met with sensations of professionalism, comfort, luxury, cleanliness, or any other feelings.

If you are renovating a building, then you know how important it is to renovate your office lobby, and there are many new additions that you could add to it to give it the look and feel that you are aiming for. Here are 3 major additions or upgrades to consider for your brand, new office lobby.

Consider the Amazement of Media Walls

You may have come across one or more TVs that are hung on a wall in a lobby before, showing either a news channel or some promotional videos. Today, you can buy and install media walls for you wall in various forms, shapes and sizes. Your media wall in particular can play innovative and digital brand content that will not only impress visitors, but also give them something to give their attention to as they walk in.

Media walls can be implemented with other office decor and architecture and can also be synchronized with lighting that make lobbies immersive and must be seen to be believed. Media walls don’t have to be used just for branding and corporate messaging, they can also display beautiful imagery, such as a roaring waterfall or a serene view of a mountain.

Some building owners are lead to believe that these media walls can cost a fortune, but actually, they are more affordable than ever before. You can also bring down production costs further if you opt to choose a base template over a custom design from an interior design in Abu Dhabi.

Give the Reception Desk an Upgrade

The first point of communication between your company and its visitors is the receptionist desk. This is where visitors go to confirm appointments, ask for directions, book rooms, among other things. Be sure that however your business communicates with visitors you consider the ways you communicate impact them positively.

For instance, many corporations use computers or tablets for visitors to use in order to check in or make an inquiry. At times, though, this leads to an experience for visitors that is underwhelming, uncomfortable, and impersonal. Visitors mostly expect to talk to humans and feel satisfied in doing so.

How your interior design in Abu Dhabi builds your receptionist desk relies on a number of factors. Keep in mind that this desk is a further reflection of your brand and should provide guests with the most positive of experiences.

Include Comfortable Furniture

Oftentimes, visitors will need to wait somewhere for one reason or another, whether it is to see a person working in your building, or to wait for somebody else that they know.

If you often have people waiting in your lobby, you should buy some comfortable lobby furniture; not dozens upon dozens of chairs, but as many seats as you think you need at a given period of time.

Consider couches and chairs that are comfortable as well as blend in with the rest of your lobby. Maybe even think about places to eat, such as chairs with tables, so that visitors as well as employees can enjoy a meal during their break. Also, give your visitors something to do, such as have some magazines nearby or a TV to watch as they wait.

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