Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring iPhone App Development Company

Posted by Juned Ahmed on July 11th, 2018

Due to the increased popularity of smartphones, the mobile apps market is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Running a business involves a lot of tasks and developing an app can take a toll on your time and resources for the process. Due to the lack of time, money, resources, experience, and technical expertise, you may be thinking of other options such as outsourcing your iPhone app development process. Driven by the desire to save money, you are most likely to scout cheap resources and try to deal with the company that promises to provide the “cheap and best” mobile app development services. However, like every coin has two sides, outsourcing the mobile app development process also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and you should weigh all the pros and cons of this before taking the final call. Here we are discussing the some of the major points that will help you understand and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the process for your business mobile app development.

Advantages of outsourcing a mobile app development company

#1: A lot of operational time is saved
The time spent in micromanagement of the business is saved. The business-centric operational time is greatly drained in looking out for an in-house hiring of individuals having the expertise that you need. Moreover, keeping a constant watch over your employees during the process of in-house mobile app development takes a lot of your business time that could be focused on various other issues concerned with the business.

All this time can be saved to a great extent by outsourcing the complete business app development process to an external Mobile app developers. The management of the project becomes the responsibility of the outsourced company as they need to set deadlines are check the compliance with the timelines. This lets you concentrate better on your business or any other project that is lined up, while the mobile app development project is being taken care off by professionals.

#2: Saves the overall cost
Outsourcing the mobile app development process is a budget-friendly option. You will be billed for the work done by the outsourced agency, but this will significantly cut down the overhead costs for you. You don’t need to incur additional costs for training or upgrading the qualifications of your workforce. Thus, your overall operational costs and business expenses are significantly reduced.

#3: Technical resources and extensive experience with a mix of backgrounds provided
By outsourcing, you can leverage the best expertise and resources available under one roof to develop your mobile app. They are most likely to have the established systems, tools, software, certificates, licences, policies, and other resources for building the state-of-the-art mobile apps. The iPhone app development companies are more likely to have a greater understanding of the mobile space than a generalist as they try different strategies to gain a better understanding of the requirements of the app, its primary goals, and priority features. Thus, the experience of these teams can be leveraged to benefit from the latest trends and focused perspective.

As these development companies are solely dedicated to the iPhone app development process, they are more likely to provide you with skilled industry experts in designing, testing, project managing, and marketing right from the start till your mobile app comes up in the market. With their technical expertise, the development team you hire can provide you with a host of technical suggestions to make you understand the pros and cons of every technology and the one that will work the best for you. Thus, you can make well-informed decisions related to the technology or version you should use for developing your mobile app.

#4: Established team chemistry
As the team of developers you outsource have worked together on multiple projects, they have good chemistry and are just ready to work with the project on hand. However, hiring new people to work with your team may cause additional pains of bringing a new team on the same page. The new team will take time in learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses and dynamics.

#5: Understand the organizational behaviour of global companies
As an entrepreneur, you can get the opportunity to build profitable business models by partnering externally to build a competitive mobile app. You will be able to tap and assimilate valuable information regarding the organizational behaviours of these global companies. This can add greatly to your business values. Thus, it is not only a profitable experience but also a great learning experience.

#6: Round-the-clock support system
You need to stay in touch with the technical executives of the outsourced company to avail 24/7 support. As per the agreement terms, you can reach out to them any time for technical guidance and fix your problems. Any issues that may crop up even after the launch of the app are resolved by these companies based on the terms and conditions of your contract.

Disadvantages of outsourcing a mobile app development company

#1: Time consuming learning curve with regard to the brand and industry knowledge
Your internal team is more likely more adept with knowledge about your brand, industry, target audience, history, goals, vision, mission, competitors, organizational politics, etc. All these need to be passed to an outsourced company through collaboration and time. A genuine app development company will spend time learning about all these, and the mind-meld won’t happen after one call. Both your organization and the outsourced development company need to make efforts and give time to get on the same page and move in a mutually profitable direction.  

#2: Process-driven approvals taking longer time
The sign-offs and approval process is usually faster when everyone involved is in the same physical location and dedicated solely to a particular task. However, when the development process is outsourced, quick sign-offs are possible only if both you and the company are committed to it and use the communication and productivity tools available for this. Otherwise, with lagging processes, unnecessary delays are bound to creep in the process.

#3: Restricted number of revisions
You get the flexibility of revising the content multiple times if the mobile app has been built in-house. Though you may not be making any progress, you may be spending many hours tweaking, modifying, and thinking over product decisions. In case of an externally outsourced development company, you have budget restrictions and a fixed number of revisions as per the contract.

#4: Data privacy is endangered
Though you may be signing the confidentiality agreement or the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), there is always a risk jeopardizing the confidentiality of your data when you are outsourcing the mobile app development process, especially from freelancers.

#5: Lack of total control over the mobile app development process
When you sign up with an external app development company, you do not personally overlook every instance of your mobile app development. This may lead to loss of track of what is happening on the other side and compromise the constant, day-to-day assessment of your project. A project manager or project management tools may thus be needed to ensure a continuous track of the progress of the project.

#6: Communication gaps due to time zone or language differences
While signing up the contract, you must check out that the outsourced mobile app development company should be able to address the time-based challenges and the language-centric issues.

What will you choose then?
Thus, you need to intuitively weigh down the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an app development company to develop your iPhone mobile app. Many businesses also go in for a hybrid approach, in which they choose certain tasks to be outsourced, while the rest are maintained internally. As iPhone app developers in India is technically strong and risk-free, it guarantees you a professional working environment and delivers cost-effective, scalable, quality products.

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