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Posted by Gabriel Fulton on July 11th, 2018

How many people have perfect teeth and a wonderful smile? The number of lucky people with an impeccable smile is very small. Most individuals are ashamed to smile in public or to show their teeth because of their imperfections. Unfortunately, many people ignore the fact that they can do something to improve their smile with the help of Abdoney Orthodontics. Do you or don’t you need orthodontic treatment? It is best to see an experienced Tampa Orthodontist for more answers.

Are your teeth perfectly aligned? How is your bite? Does it hurt when you bite, chew or even speak? Are your teeth crowded or misplaced? If the answer to any of these questions is yes it is clear that you should talk to an experienced orthodontist who has the experience, skills and equipment needed to treat you. Abnormal teeth are unappealing, they can cause facial imbalance and if you have such a problem you should definitely do something about it. It is important to take good care of our teeth and smile. Most parents do not know if their child has an orthodontic problem and they ignore the importance of taking their children to an experienced Tampa Orthodontist.

We should emphasize the fact that numerous teeth conditions are easier to treat when they are discovered earlier. The early or late loss of baby teeth, persistent thumb sucking, tongue thrusting indicate that your child might have a problem and he should be seen by an orthodontist. Many people cover their mouth when they smile because they do not like their smile. If you are among them, professional orthodontic treatment might be just what you need. Orthodontic devices have come a long way and nowadays there are clear aligners, translucent ceramic brackets, lingual braces. In other words, you can wear orthodontic appliances that are barely visible and that will help you deal with your problem in an efficient manner.

Individuals who hate metal braces and fear that this will ruin their image have nothing to worry about for nowadays they can choose less-visible appliances. Well-aligned teeth are beautiful, easier to clean and they will restore your smile and your self-confidence. We do not see any reason why you should postpone orthodontic treatment. If you are worried about cost you can schedule an appointment and Abdoney Orthodontics will assess the condition of your teeth, tell you what needs to be done and give you an accurate quote for the treatment you need. You will be pleased to discover that orthodontic treatment is quite affordable and it has amazing results.

Experienced orthodontists will help you find a suitable treatment for your teeth and they will inform you about your choices and the costs involved. Most people have no idea about what type of braces are available out there and they do not know how to differentiate them. The most known are traditional metal braces, which have witnessed significant improvements. These braces are lighter, they are more comfortable and they are suitable for complex tooth and jaw problems.

Moving on, there are ceramic braces, also known as clear braces or porcelain braces. These have the same size and shape as metal ones and deliver the same results, the only difference being the fact that they are less noticeable. Ceramic braces are a wonderful solution for individuals who do not want others to see that they wear braces. We should not forget to mention Invisalign, a revolutionary treatment that uses removable plastic trays and that can be used to straighten teeth gradually. If you choose Invisalign you will not have any food restrictions and you will be able to maintain a good oral hygiene as the trays can be removed when eating, drinking or washing your teeth. Nonetheless, for the best results it is recommended to wear these aligners for as long as possible.

Would you like to know whether or not you need orthodontic treatment? If this is the case you should see a competent Tampa Orthodontist right away. Specialists in this field will assess the condition of your teeth, the severity of the existing problem and afterwards he will inform you about your options and the costs involved. Together you can establish the best type of treatment for your particular situation. At Abdoney Orthodontics we are committed to offering the best services to each and every one of our customers. We will help you have healthy teeth and the smile you have always longed for so feel free to contact us.

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