Sales Team Tasks Every Company Should Outsource

Posted by Neha Gupta on July 11th, 2018

The sales department of every company is one of the top priority departments. This team works tirelessly to bring in clients for the company and handle all aspects of business development. There are many tasks in the entire sales process that can be repetitive in nature and can be tedious as well. Your core team should not be spending their productive time on these tasks. That is why it is a wise choice to outsource these tasks to a third party Indian outsourcing company.

Now, let’s delve deeper into what these sales tasks are that can be outsourced –

1)    Appointment Booking

Booking meetings and appointments is a very common task in business development. This is a task that does not necessarily require your high paying sales executives to get involved in. You can outsource this service to a remote team that can handle this important task of getting in touch with clients or their representatives and fixing meetings.

2)    Information Gathering

Gathering the information of your prospect leads is another major sales task that does not require your core team. You can hire a virtual team and give them a list of your prospects. After that, the virtual team can use various data mining methods to collect the contact information like phone numbers, email ids, social media profiles etc of those persons.

3)    Handling Initial Research

When your sales team is going to meet a high ranking executive from another company, it is always advised to do an initial research about that individual and his organization. This information can make a positive impression on the mind of the executive your team is meeting. The outsourced team can handle this initial research by going through the LinkedIn pages of the executive and their company.

Apart from LinkedIn, there are several other platforms that can also be used for research. Once the research is done, the results can be systematically shared with your sales team. This way, you get top-notch research ahead of your client meeting and you end up saving your in-house team’s time.

4)    Recording M.O.M (Minutes of meetings)

Taking notes of the main discussion points of a meeting is another essential task performed by the sales team. These minutes of the meeting are sometimes communicated with your company’s top-level executives, including directors or CEO. Taking these notes in real-time during a meeting may not be feasible. Recording the meeting and then listening to the recording to take notes takes valuable time that your sales team may not have.

Here too, your outsourced call center services team helps you by taking accurate notes of your meetings and sharing them in a timely manner with the concerned individuals in your organization.

When you outsource these important tasks of your company’s sales team to call center services company, you must ensure that you choose the right organization to partner with

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