Home Heating Systems ? Benefits of Using Propane in Home

Posted by ThompsonGas on July 11th, 2018

Propane is an efficient, reliable, and completely safe alternative to electricity power for many home-use appliances. In fact, propane home heating is quite popular in modern homes that use propane systems alongside standard electricity. Apart from efficiency, safety, and reliability, propane is also a great choice because of its affordability as well as the smaller carbon footprint it leaves than other fuel sources. There are numerous benefits to using propane at home, which is why more people are considering it as an alternative fuel for a greener home.

Propane home heating makes a sensible choice because propane or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) offers a high-energy substitute to traditional fuels. As a matter of fact, propane has a much higher-octane rating compared to gasoline. An electric heat pump will typically deliver air that is slightly warmer than the average human body temperature. Propane on the other hand, can produce a consistent air supply of up to 115 degrees, making it a more efficient choice. While electricity will take up to an hour to heat up or reheat your water tank, a propane-powered system can accomplish the job three times faster at 20 minutes on average. This makespropane home heating a superior choice when it comes to energy efficiency.

Additionally, propane is a safer and cleaner choice. Listed as a clean fuel as per the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the Energy Policy Act of 1992, propane burns clean—cleaner than all other fossil fuels. It has very low carbon content, which is why it also produces minimal emissions. Propane doesn’t contaminate the soil or groundwater and when derived as byproduct from the production of natural gas, it further reduces petroleum use by as much as 99 percent. If you are looking for a clean fuel alternative, choosepropane home heating for your property.

Also, propane makes a reliable choice in case of emergency. During disaster situations when electricity is out, propane-fueled appliances can remain operational. This means having constant heat when you need it the most. You only need to make sure that your propane storage system is well maintained and constantly filled in case of an outage. A gallon of propane can produce as much as 91,600 Btus and up to 27 kilowatt hours of electricity, that is equivalent to long hours of consistent and ever reliable heating.

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