Why is Soccer the Best Online Game and Why Should You Start playing it today?

Posted by Mogs - Professional MMO Services on July 12th, 2018

Soccer and supercars have no connection whatsoever. I mean you don't dribble the soccer ball by sitting in your car, it's just not possible. However, Psyonix (developers of Rocket League) tends to believe otherwise. Rocket League is one of the most popular online games having the perfect combination of soccer and tiny supercars.If you have never played Rocket League, then you are in for the surprise of your life. The game allows you to build up a team, choose your car, and show your driving and soccer skills. If there is an online game with the unique concept, it probably would be Rocket league.

Furthermore, players are allowed to join their friend's team, perform rocket league trading, collect items, etc. If anything, rocket league is the best game to provide a different experience of playing soccer. So, in today's blog post, we have decided to list up the facts describing why Rocket League is the best online soccer game ever. If you are also deciding to choose a new game with the best user experience, we recommend playing Rocket League. So, without any further ado let's give you some reasons to choose Rocket League.

You Control Your Own Car

Unlike FIFA or PES, where it is your responsibility to control the moves of the entire team, you only have to worry about your car and your actions in the Rocket League. You are responsible for your moves, and the rest of your team members are responsible for their cars. Whether you want to jump, fly or dribble the soccer ball mid-air, you can do it with your car. However, we do recommend spending some time in the practice session, if it's your first time playing this game as the controlling the car movement can get quite tricky at certain points.

Rocket League Trading

Along with driving and shooting the soccer ball, rocket league is also popular for its feature of trading which allows the players to trade their rocket league items with each other. For instance, you can trade a car of yours for keys, keys for cars, or even cars for other cars.
Every Second of Gameplay Matters

Like real soccer, every second of the gameplay matters. Anything can happen, even at the last seconds, which can get quite dramatic sometimes. For instance, your team is losing by two goals, and in the last few minutes you score three goals and win the game. I mean if anything, it would be as dramatic as the finals of a FIFA world cup.

Whether it’s the features like rocket league trading or the gameplay itself, rocket league is one of the most engaging games. So, what are you waiting for, start playing and show some killer driving moves while scoring goals.

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