How to create an unforgettable Pitch Deck for your start-up idea?

Posted by entersliceindia on July 12th, 2018

An ‘Investor’s Pitch Deck’ is formally prepared by Start-ups as a demonstration to present their ideas and scheme for business to the potential investors. The investor’s pitch deck is usually of 15-20 slides showcasing the company’s products, team, and technology in the most lucrative manner as possible.

Every Startup knows the importance of impressing the prospective investors and difficulties that arise in raising capital. Though time-consuming, yet it is a crucial step towards the growth of a start-up. Presenting a flawless Investor’s Pitch Deck and nailing the presentation is always the aspiration. Most of the time, it forms an interesting story to be told later or even published for more people to be inspired.

Preparing a strong, thorough, and engaging investor pitch deck, which is able to fetch the best investment offers requires dedication and passion. If required, one should seek proper guidance and refer to various links to sample pitch decks so as to secure an investment.  

What are the key slides to be included in your Investor Pitch Deck?

Including the following mentioned slides roughly covers all the important aspects of an Investor’s Pitch Deck:

  1. Company Overview which can include what problem it solves, what sector it aims, where it will be located, the experience of the management team, and establishments already made.
  2. Mission/Vision of the Company includes where the company aims to be after 5 years, 10 years.
  3. The Team slide giving details of the key team members, their titles and a short summary of their prior employment or experience. Details of the Advisors, consultants, and Board members improve the credibility.
  4. The Problem that brings the need of the startup and The Solution which shall be offered by the startup.
  5. The Market Opportunity slide depicting the markets that the startup is proposing to address include the trends in the same market through graphs.
  6. The Product slide indicating the products and/or service and why will they be unique. It should answer the question regarding the key features of the product, why will the users care about the product and what milestones it aims to attain. It can also mention the additional products that are planned for the future. 
  7. The Customers slide adds credibility to the pitch and showcases the pro-active outlook of the startup. The customers since form the most important part of a business, make the pitch more powerful.
  8. The Technology slide deck can address the basic technology backbone, key intellectual property rights the company has (patents, patents pending, copyrights, trademarks, domain names) and why shall it be superior to the technology that already exists in the market. It can also mention why it will be difficult for a competitor to replicate the technology.
  9. The Competition slide is what investors are most interested in. It should clearly mention:
    1. Who are and who shall be the company’s competitors?
    2. What gives your startup an edge over the others?
    3. What will be the differentiating factors?

Investors appreciate a deep understanding of the competitive landscape which implies the understanding of the market.

  1. Traction slide that shall mention the following:
    1. What early traction has the company obtained (all progress in respect of the sales, traffic to the company’s website, app downloads, growth metrics, etc.)?
    2. What strategic partnerships have been consummated?
    3. Press, accolades, and testimonials.
  2. The Marketing Plan slide shall cover
    1. Key marketing channels - paid search, social media, TV, radio, email marketing, etc.
    2. Early successes
    3. Preliminary customer acquisition costs per customer and the projected lifetime value of a customer.
    4. PR plans
  3. Early press or buzz received.
  4. Financials slide depicting the company’s current financial situation and proposed future financials.
  5. Any other slide that may be relevant to the particular business model, product, service or any specific detail or idea of the startup

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