How to Earn Better Returns with Reliance Low Duration Fund?

Posted by dishika on July 12th, 2018

How to Earn Better Returns with Reliance Low Duration Fund?

Time is a very important resource, maybe the most essential of all. As the famous saying goes, ‘Time and tide wait for none’, it is very important to spend time wisely and ensure that it doesn’t get wasted over petty things. Mutual funds are a very demanding zone of investments in terms of time and patience. You cannot just plan an investment for a few months and expect to earn load of returns. But, what if you have everything but time and still you want to accomplish your objectives?

In such situations, you ought to act smart and cling to a fund that is very much capable of attaining your objectives in a short period of time. Reliance Low Duration Fund is the epitome of a classic fund built for short duration investments. It is a much better alternative to bank deposits or any other short-term avenue which hardly pays 4-5% returns. The fund has a record of producing remarkable returns which are way higher than what the conventional routes produce, the discussion of which will be done later in this article.

But, let’s first start with the basics and then slowly we’ll unfold all the mysteries and facts that will surely prickle your nape and intrigue you to initiate an investment in this fund.

The Basics

Reliance Low Duration Fund, erstwhile Reliance Money Manager Fund, is a debt fund which primarily invests in instruments having a high credit rating and a low maturity. The securities involved allow the portfolio to earn high returns without getting exposed to high level of risks.

At present, the fund handles one of the largest AUMs in the category of low duration debt funds, with an asset size of Rs. 13, 390 crore as on 31st May, 2018. The fund also enjoys a three star rating from CRISIL on account of its consistent growth and stable position in the market.

The Features

  • Better Alternative to Banks
    Debt funds are famous for sheltering investors that have a short-term objective with their investments. Reliance Low Duration Fund, besides allowing short-term visionaries to participate in an investment bestows high returns which are highly unlikely to be ever bestowed by the banks. As per the recent report published by Reliance MF on the individual performances of its schemes, it was revealed that Reliance Low Duration Fund (G) stands amongst the top five debt funds in the market in the terms of returns paid, with an average yield of 8.18% since inception.
  • Provides Good Risk Cover
    The biggest benefit that can be drawn from an established brand is that it has the power to produce the best quality products. Reliance Mutual Fund is a household name in India due to its immense power and wide reach. The asset management company is quite capable of affording the best fund management team which ensure that there are no cavities left in the portfolio through which unnecessary risk could seep in. Hence, an investment in Reliance Low Duration Fund (Growth) is not only profitable, but is also secured.
  • Incorporates Heavy Growth Potential
    The major advantage of clinging to Reliance Low Duration Fund (G) is that you get a chance to infuse your portfolio with high growth energy. The instruments that the fund choses for its portfolio are of high grade and belong to the most powerful industries – Finance and Banking, Automobile, Energy and Durables – in the Indian market. When the underlying portfolio is made as strong as concrete, then an investor can be sure of his funds being placed in the right hands and moving in the right direction.
  • Easy Investment Opportunities
    Good things often come at a good price. But this is not the case with Reliance Low Duration Fund (Growth). On the quite contrary, the fund sells quite cheap and possesses remarkable affordability. You can start investment in this fund with as low as Rs. 500 via an SIP plan, and can increase gradually as and when your spending power inflates, or you simply find this fund tempting enough to pour in more money.
  • No Exit Load
    Yes, you read that right. The fund, being a low duration debt fund, doesn’t involve any kind of exit load on the early redemption of investments. This makes it a more exciting and favourable option for the budding investors and also for those who do not have the desire to stay put for a long period of time.

Reliance Low Duration Fund – Regular Plan (Growth) is a very well designed fund for the Indian markets. It is believed that the information written above on the fund will help you to make a good investment plan. If you need more help, then don’t hesitate to nudge your financial advisor.

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