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Posted by Peter Homes on July 12th, 2018

Mississauga electronics recycling is an environmental service that is dedicated to offering recycling solution for e-waste to companies, individuals and public institutes. Electronic waste includes computers, cell phones, printers, ink cartridges, batteries and many more. The service advocates Toronto electronics recycling and aims at reducing carbon emissions.

All electric wastes and electronics contain hazardous materials and toxic substances that contribute towards the contamination of soil, water and air. By properly recycling electronics, precious metals, base metal and natural resources present in e-waste can be preserved rather than being landfilled. Electronic recycling also helps in reducing carbon and methane emissions, which are perhaps the most responsible factors for global warming.

What’s the context?

Consumption of electronic goods has increased significantly in Mississauga and Toronto over the last few years. But unfortunately, this has led to an increase in the amount of e-waste as well. Each year, several tons of e-waste is generated, and proper disposal of this amount is crucial for its processing. Very few successful and efficient services to collect and dispose this e-waste exist till date, and there is need to increase these services for the betterment of the environment.

What’s the solution?

Mississauga electronics recycling aims at reducing e-waste by recycling IT equipment, batteries, printer cartridges, computer parts and other electronic waste products in a responsible way. The aim is to collect obsolete electronic goods from schools, public institutes, commercial spaces and households, and properly recycle them through certified ways. There are sites where businesses and household owners can leave their e-waste too. After collection, the e-waste is taken to the recycling center, where it is sorted by weight and type, and then sent out for recycling. Such facilities are available throughout Mississauga and Toronto.

How it protects the environment

Electronic waste products contain hazardous and toxic substances such as lead and mercury. When left in the landfills, they release toxic fumes that bring negative effects to the environment as well as to the humans. In addition to that, electronic goods also contain some limited materials that can be recycled to make new ones, such as copper, aluminum, silver and plastics. Proper Toronto electronics recycling conserve rare minerals available on the earth. By recycling, these limited materials get a new life, which contributes to the reduction in greenhouse emissions. Through all these actions, we may protect the environment and tackle the issues with climate change.

Job creation in a new sector

With an aim to create an entire industry of electronic recycling, youth is being trained to refurbish IT equipment, including computers, cell phones printers, tablets, etc. Refurbished products can be recycled, or donated to schools or no-profit institutions for the welfare of the society. Till date, a large number of people have been trained, and they have also found a reputable job in the industry.

COM2 Recycling Solutions is a certified service provider that is dedicated to raising awareness about battery recycling Toronto, and to collecting and recycling e-waste responsibly. They are recycling a large number of electronic goods that would have ended up in landfills otherwise

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