Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Addiction

Posted by EllaWilson on July 13th, 2018

Heroin is an addictive substance  and is often used by people for the pleasurable feelings it can generate, the Drug Abuse says. Those who try out heroin experience the high or rush. Their confidence levels increase and their well-being seems to improve. But the minute the drug leaves their system, they’re going to feel worse off than before and are instantly looking for the drug to re-feel the euphoria. If you struggle with heroin addiction, you may already be familiar with the following symptoms.

Immediate symptoms

You may experience a bit of nausea and vomiting, the WebMD says. You may also feel some itching as well as dry mouth. These are symptoms of heroin addiction. If you don’t want these symptoms to get worse, it’s important that you find a facility that offers Heroin Rehab in Arizona.

Delayed symptoms

These symptoms will follow right after the immediate effects of the drug. At this stage, the effects of heroin will slow down the body so you’ll end up less active, with your alertness compromised. You may end up feeling terribly drowsy and will probably need to sleep the feeling off for several hours. You’ll also end up with a foggy state of mind. Your breathing and heart rate will slow down too.

Signs of long-term abuse

Using heroin for a long time will result in other symptoms as well. These will include the following:

  • Bruises around the injection sites
  • Needle marks because of the frequent injections
  • Abscesses and infections along with other types of skin problems
  • Infection caused by the use of infected or dirty needles
  • Liver and kidney disease caused by the drug in your system
  • Collapsed veins due to the repeated injections

Effects on the body

Long-term heroin use can also lead to addiction until the only thing on the mind of the heroin addict is where to get his next fix. Aside from addiction, tolerance is also a likely result of long-term drug abuse. That means you’ll need to take higher doses to achieve the same high. There’s going to be no end to that cycle, leading to the outcome: dependence. This is the stage wherein your body craves for heroin, needing it to become normal. The moment the drug leaves your system, you start to suffer through withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment and recovery

If you want to live life without drugs, then the first step is to look for a facility or a center for Heroin Rehab in Arizona. Choose one with competent doctors and staff. Check out information about the treatment facility and make sure it’s been around for years. Years of experience mean the facility is well-equipped to handle your case. Don’t forget to check the kind of services that the facility offers. Not all rehab facilities can take in patients who require long-term, residential rehab treatment so be sure to pick one that can.

A successful recovery from drug abuse isn’t easy. But with professional help and guidance along with the support of your family, you a have much clearer shot at it. Get started. Get help today.

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