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5 Main Differences Between Oolong Tea And Green Tea

Posted by teafloorblog on July 13th, 2018

If you happen to be a regular reader of this blog, then by now you must be aware of the fact, that all varieties of tea are made from the Chinese Camellia sinesis plant. There are many factors which differentiate these varieties of teas, which originate from the same plant. Two of the most popular health benefitting of teas in the world are oolong and green tea. Green tea has gained massive popularity over the years and has a huge marketing campaign backing it. Oolong tea slowly but surely is also capturing its share of the limelight. If you as a consumer are confused as to which of the two brews must you buy, then we are going to jot down all the important points, which you need to know about the two aforementioned brews. But before we start, you must know that now you can easily buy oolong tea online from the Teafloor website. So if you were confused about, where to buy oolong tea, then now you have your answer.

The taste, flavor and look

Even though both these brews originate from the same plant, the oolong tea has a brownish, amber color to it, while green tea has a yellowish-green hue. Talking about the flavor, the oolong variety is definitely stronger than the green one. Oolong tea has a roasted woody taste, while green tea has a vegetal flavor.


The main difference between these two brews lies in the way they are processed. The oolong variety of is partially fermented, i.e., it happens to be partially oxidized. Green tea is one of those rare brews which is unfermented and does not undergo any kind of oxidation. It is perhaps because of this reason, the two have acquired a unique taste.

The healthy tea

Well, both green and oolong teas offer different kinds of health benefits. Green tea contains truckloads of catechins and therefore has more antioxidants than the oolong variety. It helps in burning fat  and is primarily a slimming tea. Oolong tea is also known for boosting bone health as well as density and helps in fighting obesity. It boosts metabolism and reduces symptoms of eczema.


Both the brews have very similar quantities of caffeine. Either of the brews are low on the caffeine index, which is why they can be consumed during the evening or even at night, as it will not affect your sleeping pattern.


When it comes to popularity, green tea is far more popular than the oolong variety and that is solely because it is marketed really well. Oolong tea by no means is less of a tea, but it is yet to be recognized globally the way green tea has been embraced.

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