Why Pu Waterproofing Is So Much Needed

Posted by ParexGroup on July 13th, 2018

Sometimes the contractor suggests, sometimes the neighbors, friends and well-wishers about the benefit of using the waterproofing products, but until unless you are convinced of its efficacy, let’s not talk about the brands and products.

What Is Waterproofing

Waterproofing is actually nothing more than a reliable safeguarding process that can restrict water from entering or damaging the flooring surface or the ceiling. Suitable waterproofing helps in dealing with water shedding also water ingression without causing any hydrostatic pressure. Water seepage will trigger mold growth thus triggering damage and there would be sufficient air quality issues. Proper waterproofing is so far required to restrict seepage and deterioration. While talking about the waterproofing membrane, this is one thin layer of watertight material which would be rested over the surface. The layer remains continuous and hardly permits water to seep through. If there is a flat terrace, smoothly a waterproofing membrane can be laid over, right above the structural slab as well as below the finish tiles.

Why Water Proofing is So Much Needed

  • While talking about water resistance, one can very well use some kind of water resistant which can obstruct the water ingression to some extent but not completely.
  • There are other options like water repellent, which helps in restricting the water penetration but when it comes to waterproofing, the best products would create an impervious barrier for water ingression.
  • When you are seeking proper alternative to waterproof your concrete you should be depending upon correct alternative and one such is DAVCO K10 POLYURETHANE (PU). Now this is one of the best waterproofing membranes available with best features and benefits.
  • There are number of areas where pu waterproofing is required such as shower recesses, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms, any kind of roof and balconies, retaining walls, decks.
  • When you want to repair the wall or protect the surface from rust or want to protect the gutters, troughs and tanks, parapet walls and flashings, planter boxes. Waterproofing helps in preventing water ingression from suspended structures, sandwich slabs.
  • When you are having a tank and you need to waterproof the tank, DAVCO K10 POLYURETHANE (PU) is the best solution to rely upon. The product helps in joint sealing, faulty gutters and there is that downpipes.

What are the Advantages

There are manifold advantages as you may apply the waterproofing product with ease, no mixing is required, quite easy to apply. the product is highly solid content, flexible and rapid curing, entirely root resistant and ensures seamless application.


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