Effective Social Media Marketing Part - II

Posted by kexconsulting on July 16th, 2018

Today social media marketing is essential to achieve success. The key to effective social media campaigns is producing, creating and distributing quality content that resonates with viewers. Social media content must be fresh, original and timely in order to attract users.

Repetitive or dated content are the top reasons people disengage from brands on social media. This means customer content and articles are the lifeblood for your social media campaign. It helps if some of the content originates from a trusted, third party rather than the company itelf. When a peer recommends content to those on his or her social network, the viewer places more value in the content.

With interesting, unique and useful content you will see improved social media results in the form of increased sales and revenue a well as brand loyal and engaged customers.

KEX Social Media Marketing Services

KEX social media services begin by conducting a complete review of your business and its social media presence. Once we have a complete understanding of your business, we develop a social media strategy with your specific goals in mind. We begin the process of amplifying your social media presence by first concentrating on creating original and engaging content. Next we select the social media platforms that best fit with your target market and goals. Finally we create a compelling social media presence that differentiates your business resulting in increased leads, revenue and brand loyalty


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing gains website traffic or notoriety by leveraging content on social media sites. This is typically accomplished by creating content on social media sites that encourages readers to share the content with others in their social networks.

Sharing content increases reach and distribution since all of a persons’ social media connections are able to view the content. In turn, anyone that viewed the initial shared content can then share it themselves, increasing social media reach exponentially. At its essence, social media marketing is electronic or digital word of mouth advertising.

The main purpose of using Social Media is as a communications tool. Social media also allows individuals to interact directly with a company or brand as well as other social media users that have similar interests as themselves. Companies are accessible to their customers and customers are accessible to companies. This allows direct communication between both and produces an interaction that has a more personal feeling. Personal interactions produce loyalty and create followers and potential customers.

Social media marketing is also a integral factor in search engine optimization (SEO). It is a major key to driving highly qualified traffic to websites by creating social shares and quality backlinks. Those with strong social media presence tend to outpace those that do not in organic search results. Thus if a company is not active on social media, it can be very difficult to have a high ranking search engine listing. Moving forward, social media will only continue to grow in importance as search engines increase the role it plays in their search algorithms.

Compared to expensive traditional media, a social media strategy does not require a large budget. Companies can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest to reach wider audiences at a greatly reduced cost. This change has allowed a huge amount of customer interaction to be conducted on social media platforms with increased visibility. Posting reviews, rating customer service and asking questions directly to companies is now the norm.

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