How to Turn Your Ordinary Room into a Perfect Ping Pong Facility?

Posted by marryvoges on July 16th, 2018

There are four important aspects in table tennis that are used to play the game – table, racket, ball and net. Though all pieces of equipment are important, having the right kind of equipment in place is crucial, specifically when you want everything to go smoothly with your table tennis practice sessions. Make sure you have the best ping pong table along with other table tennis accessories such as table tennis racket with quality covering, a ball that can bump well on the table and net that doesn’t keep slipping around every time the ball strikes. We have tried to put some key configurations for table tennis equipment in the following section of this post that will surely be of immense help to you in order to enhance your ping pong experience.

How to Choose Table Tennis table?

Though all four elements make the proper ping-pong arrangement, the table is the most crucial – it’s the costliest of all. So when you are buying a table tennis table, make sure you are carrying out your transactions with a reliable table tennis store . This is to be assured about the quality product. Another important concern is always be cautious of the specifications and features of the table you are buying. You can buy table tennis table ranging from beat-up ones that are capable of defying gravity with perfect ball bounces to thousand dollars one that is designed scientifically. Try to bring the ones that are somewhere in between and that comes with high-end features with a moderate price tag.

How to Turn Your Room in a Perfect Table Tennis Arena?

You will need room to play ping pong. The defined size for an appropriate ping pong court is 20x40 feet. But, you may have to compromise on the size of your facility in case your space is compromised in terms of size. But, there are certain things that you need to make sure at your ping pong facility irrespective of you being a beginner. The ceiling must be at least 12 feet or higher. The floor must not be slippery and background must be dark so that ball can be seen clearly.

Keep in mind that table tennis is a vision-oriented sport. You have to consistently keep your eye on the ball in order to win. This can be ensured only if you have the right ping pong setup in place.

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