Basic Table Tennis Equipment

Posted by marryvoges on July 16th, 2018

If you are a new tennis player or someone who has just made a decision to play ping-pong, there are chances that you may be looking for table tennis equipment online. Table tennis accessories are to a TT player what a bike is to a bike rider. Without basic TT equipment, one cannot think of improving his/her game and this is why it’s of utmost importance to buy the proper equipment necessary to play table tennis. However, with a plethora of TT gears available, it’s quite a challenging task for beginners to pick the crucial ones. Before investing in any of the TT accessories, it’s always a good move to know the characteristics of each equipment so that you can know which is right for you.

To help you understand the usability of TT equipment, here are the basic ones you should know about:


A ball is an important part of the table tennis game and without it, the game can’t be played. The ball that is used in the game is a 2.7 gram ball and usually comes in yellow or orange color depending on the preference of the players.


Well, a racket is, as the name suggests, an equipment which is used to hit the ball back and forth. It’s another important equipment that comes in shape similar to that of tennis racket but differs in size and the material. Usually, they are made of wood.

Table Tennis Table

TT demands a table on which the game is played. The table that is used in official TT games is 9 ft long, 5 ft wide and must be 30 inches above the ground. This table usually come in different colors with blue, black and green being the common ones. Make sure you invest in a good quality table that provides a smooth frictionless surface while playing.     

Net and Post

It is also an important table tennis equipment without which, the game is incomplete. It’s usually 6 ft long and 6 inches wide and is attached to the table in the middle. It’s the last important piece that every aspiring TT player should get familiar with.

In a nutshell

If you are an aspiring table tennis player, you should know that it’s important to invest in best-quality table tennis equipment to play the game and eventually get good at it.

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