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The reason behind favoring iOS for custom apps in firms

Posted by emmawatson8855 on July 16th, 2018

The relevance of custom mobile apps is beyond question. However, a conflict that remains is between the two major mobile app platforms that dominate the digital landscape. Android and iOS have been competing for what seems like decades. The numbers denoting their success change often, but there are certain factors that posit iOS as more preferable for custom mobile app development.

Higher profits: Users of Apple products tend to be from higher income groups. Therefore, they tend to actively spend on downloads and upgrades for the apps of their choosing. On the other hand, Android users usually tend to expect free downloads, as that is the major trend of this platform. Custom mobile app development, if done well, requires considerable financial investment. Developers who can make an app that is acceptable for Apple’s extremely stringent standards of quality command high salaries. Therefore, it is sensible to create custom mobile apps for the platform whose users are not reluctant to spend money on the app.

Better quality: As mentioned above, Apple has extremely strict standards for quality that apps must adhere to. In fact, the approval process is often protracted and can take weeks. Given how serious Apple is about quality, it makes sense to invest in custom mobile application development for iOS. Since users are aware that Apple does not allow shoddily made apps on App Store, they will not have any qualms about quality regarding any app accepted into the platform. Therefore, if the custom mobile app is on App Store, it will have gained the credibility of being a high-quality product.

Conversely, since Android does not have these quality control mechanisms in place, users do not have these assurances. Therefore, they might skip the app (especially if it is not well-known) on the basis of quality concerns.

Limited devices: Since iOS apps run only on products by Apple, custom mobile apps have to be optimized for a limited number of devices. This is unlike Android apps which have to be made compatible with thousands of gadgets. In case of iOS, the costs of custom mobile application development are not augmented by the need for detailed research into the most popular devices that the app has to run on. Adjusting an app’s interface to a multiplicity of screen sizes, button placements, and other device specifics is expensive. The larger the number of the device, the higher the cost. This cost is mitigated to a large extent when mobile app development focuses on iOS.

Brand recognition: It is common knowledge that a company’s online presence is primarily determined by its app. A high-quality app delivering similarly high-quality products and services endears it, and consequently the organization behind it, to the customers. Credibility and social cache and absolutely paramount in business, especially online. It is not enough to be good at what you do, but you must be known for being good.

With the explosion of social media, you can be sure that defects in your app will become known, and you will lose customers faster than you can find them. Since iOS custom mobile apps are known for their exceptional quality, deploying one automatically raises the organization’s worth in users’ eyes. The Apple user is aware that the App Store will not validate and accept any app that does not provide value to them. Particularly, the app must be good enough for users to want to pay for it.

Naturally, Apple users can be assured that any app on the App Store has been created by a company that is showcasing a product worth viewing. If your custom mobile app is approved by App Store, it has established itself as worthy of customers’ trust. This cuts down on additional marketing efforts and expenses.

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