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Posted by Maggie on July 17th, 2018

This week's update brings with it much of the content offered by the latest content poll. Additionally it sees the arrival of the most anticipated integrity change, which is the change to pickpocketing some NPCs. Plus there are a number of runescape 2007 gold changes to mobile content (there's a Members Beta going on, by the way)!

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Both Dusk and Dawn have had their health reduced from 600 to 450. Additionally, you can now purchase the Unlock Double Trouble: Slaying Dusk and Dawn now counts for two kills towards your task rather than one.After tapping the battery indicator to display your current charge percentage, you can now tap it again to dismiss this.Quick-prayers can now be activated whilst the World map is minimised.

Seaweed Spores

The amount of Seaweed spores dropped by the creatures on Fossil Island has received a notable buff. Ancient wyverns will now drop up to a maxiumum of 24 (previously 12), Fossil wyverns will now drop up to a maximum of 12 (previously 6), Lobstrosities will now drop up to a maximum of 5 (previously 1), and Ammonite crabs will drop up to a maximum of 2 (previously 1). In addition, Seaweed spores now have a chance to randomly appear when you are diving in the shallow water off Fossil Island.

Players harvesting Cactus spines will now find that the harvesting works in a similar way to herbs, where the Farming level reduces the chance of using up one of the lives of the patch. At level 55 there is a 75% chance of using one of those lives with each pick, versus a 30% chance at level 99. You'll always receive a minimum of three spines.

For those of you with access to mobile, please do make sure you update Old School RuneScape as and when a new version is made live! Whilst it doesn't affect the actual in-game content, this is essential to ensuring that you benefit from the latest changes to the mobile build.The login flow for existing players has been streamlined (be sure to update Old School RuneScape as mentioned above).

When searching for items in the bank, the chatbox will now also display a count of how many items have been found meeting the search criteria. This is especially helpful to players on mobile who are unable to see much of the bank due to the amount of screen covered by the keyboard.

Some issues with overlapping interfaces on Tutorial Island have been addressed.The logout menu now contains a link to our Support Centre, this is for platform compliance reasons.You are now able to tap anywhere within the chatbox to continue dialogue with NPCs. The Tap to continue messaging proved quite annoying to navigate.

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