Guide To Weight Loss For Men

Posted by bettyperez129 on July 17th, 2018

If you are tired of that extra fat on your belly, there are good chances that you may be looking for weight loss plans for men. Obesity is one of the common health problems which hits almost 40% of the American each year. It’s also responsible for various other health issues such as high blood pressure, difficulty breathing and many times heart attack. This is why it’s crucial to address this problem and find a solution to this as soon as possible.

One of the common myths that many people believe is that going on a diet can actually help in shedding some extra fat. Though it does, the weight people lose come back in a couple of weeks. Why exactly is such the case? Well, our body is smart enough to switch the metabolism from carb burning to fat burning as soon as the problem arrives. This is the reason why people witness a sudden decrease in weight when they starve or go on dieting. However, as soon as the carbs hit the body, the body comes back to the normal metabolism and starts saving the fat for emergency and thus, fat is restored as soon as possible.

So what exactly is the solution? Well, a well-balanced diet combined with some form of cardio is the right way to shed some fat. A well-balanced should contain all the macros in such a ratio that the body survives on the stored fat partially but also uses the carb to performs necessary functions. For most men, the macro ratio that works best is 40C:40P:20F. Though men weight loss program may change according to the type of metabolism and body of each individual, it’s important to experience different types of diets and workout schedule and find out what works best. The main focus while losing weight should be given to the food we consume and should stay away from processed food such as fries, pizza, and any other food that are processed.

Once the diet plan is taken care of, the workout can really increase the weight loss process. Many health professionals advise focussing on running, jogging and HIIT to increase the fat burning process. Moreover, it’s beneficial for each individual to get their own men weight loss program suited according to their lifestyle and eating habits. This can help in shedding the extra weight in a less amount of time without making any changes to the lifestyle.

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