Fixing a Blown Fuse ? How the Trained Professionals Do It?

Posted by Ron William on July 17th, 2018

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Fixing a blown fuse is pretty easy if you know the way. Still, to be on safer side, it’s recommended that you bestow the responsibility to professional technicians, who are trained and have relevant experience.

These professionals are expert in taking care of various issues, which have everything to do with the fuse box. One of the most frustrating, yet common problems that irritate people is that of the blown fuses. Though the problem can be fixed with a little bit of knowledge about fuse box, it is better to ask for professional help.

These electricians follow a specific method to fix the issue. The method comprises of various steps. Here they are chronologically for your perusal.

Locating the Electrical Panel

At first, the electricians locate the electrical panel. Electrical Panel is just like a central command, which takes care of the entire electrical system of a household. The panel is generally located within a small metal box or in a case that is fixed permanently to a wall. The case generally comes with a door. A professional of electrician of Gold Coast would find panels in the garage, basement, attic, storage room, utility room, hallway and other strategic places of a household.

Taking a look inside

The next step involves opening the electrical panel and seeing whether it has stock of fuses or circuit breakers. The fuses are circular in structure and are screwed into some sockets. The circuit breakers resemble a series of levers or switches. Whatever the case may be, the electricians need to have a hard look at it and find the sector or area of the house that each lever or fuse is designated to.

Diagnosis of the issue

Now that a thorough scrutiny of the electrical panel is done with, the electricians need to ascertain the problem. They need to see, whether the fuse is indeed blown. Following are the symptoms of a blown fuse:

  • A definite sector or area of the house runs out of power, instead of the power being knocked off from the entire house
  • More often than not, the area that suffers the power outage generally has multiple electrical appliances running simultaneously. This happens when there is an overload of supply.

Turning off the switches and appliances

This is the first thing that is needed to be done to counter the situation. All the switches of that affected area of the house should be turned off, and the electrical appliances should be unplugged. That’s what an experienced electrician of Runaway Bay would do to fix the issue up. However, while doing this, they use protective gears like rubber gloves and rubber shoes, and they make sure their hands are dry. Even their dresses are not wet from sweat or water. They also put on safety glasses to protect their eyes from electrical sparks that are not very uncommon in these situations.

Turning off the main power

The main power switch should be turned off to disconnect the main power supply to the switch box. Now it’s time to locate the affected fuse. A blown switch should be discoloured, cloudy or even melted and should emit a pungent smell. It should have a broken or melted piece of metal inside.

Once that is located, they remove it and replace it with a new one. The new fuse is of the same size, rating as well as amperage.

Once done, they restore the main power and the power of the affected area is automatically back, and the work is done.

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