Rural Small Towns Escape Grid-Lock with Solar Power Solutions

Posted by evengreentechnology on July 17th, 2018

Clean energy is a growing conversation topic in small town America. Unlike global warming, clean energy is supported across the board by every party, demographic, and various communities. Solar power is one of the clearest solutions for rural towns in a period of crisis over jobs and population decline. Some of the greenest areas in America are small towns and rural communities who embrace renewable energy for its cost-effective and micro-grid advantages.

From Idaho solar communities to clean energy Colorado towns, environmental stewardship is becoming increasingly popular amongst individuals and businesses alike. While coal energy was a massive employer of the rural and blue-collar demographic for decades, it has steadily decreased overall in the past decade. And it doesn’t look like it will return anytime in the near future. Renewable energy jobs have replaced coal mining jobs, employing almost five times more people than coal industry.

Long-term sustainable solutions related to the environment are not always the number one reason rural communities choose to rely on solar energy. Creating jobs in the community, becoming more self-sustaining, and establishing greater independence are all a few of the top advantages of solar power in small towns.

Installation fees are the most expensive part of starting a clean energy micro-grid. However, because these systems are free of moving parts and engineered with high-quality materials, they last upwards of 25 years with little to no maintenance. For smaller communities, this investment towards the future can have a huge payoff.

Rural towns that rely on solar energy and clean solutions can send extra energy harnessed from the sun back to the traditional utility company and earn banked power credits. This is especially useful during winter months and a smart plan for areas that receive copious amounts of sun during the rest of the year.

Traditional ideas of solar power installations include massive black panels and complicated machinery. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Using clean energy can include everything from solar attic fans to LED lighting, energy optimization to PV solar systems. Locally-based companies often offer everything from cutting-edge technology to high-quality installation and education. Solar Idaho businesses, like EvenGreen Technology, focus on more holistic approaches to clean energy and support it with advanced technology.

Choosing to supplement and rely on solar energy as a community has benefited the economy and sustainability of rural small towns in America. From homes to businesses, clean power is the long-term solution to reliable off-grid energy.

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