Traffic Safety Mirrors: Silent Heroes of Road and Indoor Safety

Posted by safetytrafficmirrors on July 17th, 2018

While driving out of the driveway or walking in narrow hallways, there are always blind spots which prevent you from seeing either oncoming traffic or a person. This increases the potential for head-on collisions which can be life-threatening. And in the workplace, collisions can cause injuries to persons involved and can decrease the productivity of the workforce. Traffic Safety Mirrors are an ingenious type of product that can be very helpful in such situations. Installing them not only increases the safety quotient but they can also save lives.

What are Traffic Safety Mirrors?

Safety Mirrors are enlarged pieces of convex mirrors that are manufactured and installed for increasing the viewing angle and area. These safety mirrors are perfect for use both indoors and even outdoors. The growing awareness among people has led to these mirrors being used more often than usual.

The construction of a mirror differs on where the mirror needs to be used. If it needs to be used indoors, the motive is to make the mirrors portable so they can be moved around and installed easily. If they need to be used in strict weather conditions or an industrial setting, the focus is on to increase the visibility and durability of the product. There are certain mirrors which are fit for both indoor as well as outdoor usage. These mirrors are known as Universal mirrors and they can be modified to withstand rain and water splash back so the visibility isn’t compromised.

Miscellaneous Uses of Safety Mirrors

On Hilly Terrain

The outdoor safety traffic mirrors can be found in rough and hilly areas that have narrow roads. Because of the winding turns and the hairpin bends, visibility can be diminished to a larger extent. Installation of these mirrors can help drivers in maneuvering their vehicles on blind turns.

Blind Intersections

Major Intersections and roads that connect suburbs to highways can also be outfitted with traffic mirrors. On blind intersecting streets, these mirrors help you see if there is an oncoming car and avoid a potential accident.

Industrial Settings

Safety mirrors are also very useful in Industrial establishments such as warehouses, factory floors, laboratories etc. Safety is one of the highest priorities in such settings and by setting up safety mirrors, many potential accidents can be avoided. Visibility can be increased and for being compliant with guidelines, safety mirrors are also painted in high-contrast colors.

Which one is the right one for you?

If you are new to the world of Safety mirrors, nobody can blame you for being a little lost. To decide which mirror is right for you, you need to decide where the mirror will be installed, what the primary use is and whether any special modifications are needed. For general use, Universal mirrors have proven to be very useful and versatile. Specialized mirrors are also manufactured for outdoor, indoor, and industrial use.

Safety traffic mirrors increase the safety and security index of a location significantly without a huge expenditure. Thus, investing in safety mirrors is a safe bet.

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