Sleeping Tablets And Tips To Combat Insomnia Effectively

Posted by Archie George on July 18th, 2018

If you suffer from insomnia, you will know that the effects can be debilitating. Below is a list of things you can do to deal with insomnia before resorting to medication like sleeping tablets:

- Get regular exercise, but don't do any adrenaline pumping exercises within four hours of going to bed as this might disturb your sleep.
- Take a warm bath, have a warm milky drink, read or listen to soothing music – it may help you relax before you go to sleep.
- Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning. This routine will help you develop a sleep pattern.
- Go to sleep when you’re feeling sleepy, only. If you can't sleep, get up and do something relaxing like reading.
- Ensure that your sleeping environment is set up well for sleep. Ensure that your room isn't too hot or cold, or too noisy.
- Just use your bedroom for sleep and intimacy, and not for work.
- If something is on your mind, write it down before you fall asleep. You can then sort it out the next day.


There are medications like sleeping tablets to treat insomnia, but only consider them a last resort if you’re unable to function during the day due to your insomnia.

Most medication can make you feel drowsy the following day, so you are advised not to drive if they affect you this way. Once you start taking medication to help you sleep, you might also find that you need to take more and more to get the same effect. Some medicines can be habit-forming and can cause side-effects so ensure that you do enough research prior to choosing a brand. Elderly folk are more at risk of having side-effects like confusion, which can lead to falls and injuries.

Causes of insomnia

The cause of insomnia isn’t always clear cut. Lots of factors can lead to insomnia – just some of these include:

- Environmental factors such as noise, light seeping through your blinds, an uncomfortable bed or feeling too hot or cold
- Lifestyle habits, such as an irregular sleep routine, eating late at night, not getting enough exercise, or exercising too late at night
- An overactive mind – if you’re worrying about events in your life such as a new job, or a bereavement in the family, for example, it can disrupt your sleep
- Mental wellbeing, such as stress, anxiety and depression
- Jet lag and shift work, which can disturb your sleep patterns
- Smoking, alcohol and drinks that contain caffeine such as tea and coffee
- Age – insomnia is more likely to affect you as you get older

Buy medication online

Shop for online sleeping tablets that are available at low prices from various reputable e-pharmacies. Delivery of your sleeping tablets will take just 2-5 and 5-10 working days in the UK and EU. No prescription will be needed and you can order without leaving your house or needing to speak to anyone face to face.

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